Write Your Tomorrow with Kristina

I’m so excited to introduce our new Write Your Tomorrow collection, which has been designed to help you create a future you love. We believe the only way to write your tomorrow is to start today and our new collection offers you the tools and inspiration to help you get there.

This collection celebrates kikki.K’s Swedish heritage with hand-illustrated floral designs and organic shapes that remind me so much of home. The lettering has also been hand drawn for a sweet, feminine style. And this season’s fresh new pastel and blush shades are matched with pops of crimson red and cool blue for a bold new style that we hope you’ll love using each day.

Beautifully designed journals and notebooks will inspire you to put pen to paper to write down all of your thoughts, goals and dreams. And because it’s so important to have a work space that sparks your creativity, discover desk accessories that help you work more productively while brightening each day.

I also can’t wait to update my vision board with all my current goals and dreams as well as a few quotes from the collection. Bold statements like “Dream Big” and “Live Each Day With Intention” are always the perfect reminder for me to start each day with positivity.

We hope you have fun using the new pieces to dream, plan and then do so you can start writing your tomorrow, today.

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 Discover the Write Your Tomorrow Collection.

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