Work and Play! Embrace Your Creativity After Class: Q&A with @lettersbyfiona

As we begin a fresh, new year, we know you’re back-to-school planning is in full swing – and we have the most gorgeous and inspiring kikki.K x Malala Fund product collaboration to help you with everything you need – but as you’re planning your return to study, don’t forget to consider the fun things as well!

That’s right, it’s not all about working hard. School (and the precious time after your school day!) is also for expressing yourself and embracing your creativity. Have fun, get crafty and check out our quick Q & A with calligraphy and hand-lettering guru @lettersbyfiona for some great ideas for getting creative after class – and that’s right, not a digital screen in sight!

Oh, and we just love how @lettersbyfiona has showcased our beautiful and meaningful kikki.K x Malala Fund Collection in her images she’s shared with us as well!

What is your favourite way to get creative after a long day?

After a long day, I absolutely love to rewind by lighting several candles on my desk, putting on some relaxing music, and layout my favourite paintbrushes/inks/palettes and I’m ready to create!

How did you discover your love for calligraphy and brush lettering?

A few years back I was writing my PhD thesis and I was feeling very stressed and I wanted to learn a new skill that would bring me joy, and also a way for me to relax. I have certainly found my inner zen with calligraphy and brush lettering.


What tips do you have for students looking to get creative and ditch the screen after class?

I would encourage students to get inspired! Join an art class, find new painting mediums, brush pens, inks, and simply experiment with them all. It may seem daunting at first but lots of hard work and persistence will bring you results you could have never imagined. My favourite quote that I would love to share is: Practice makes progress!

What are your go-to stationery items for expressing your creativity?

Honestly, my desk is filled with inspirational stationery from kikki.K. I find being surrounded by bright colours, motivational quotes, and reminders to always try and dream big initiates my love for being creative. I am in love with watercolour paints and brush pens and these are my foundation for the start of any of my creative pieces.

How important is creativity to you?

Creativity allows me to express myself in so many ways. It is a place where I can reconnect with myself and also share my love with others to try it out and do the same.

Do you have any tips for balancing your own screen time/digital time?

I like to designate at least an hour a day to disconnect from screen time. Sometimes I don’t have creative days but I do like to try and practice my meditation, yoga, or simply listening to relaxing breathing exercises.

As part of our partnership with Malala Fund,  and to help raise awareness for girls’ education around the world, we’re encouraging everyone who has had the opportunity to go to school to embrace the opportunity of their education. With this is mind, we’d love to know, how has having an education helped you?

Aside from my love for arts and crafts, I am also a huge science-lover and an education has helped me dive deeper into understanding our human body and the implications and treatments available for chronic diseases. I am so fortunate to be able to collaborate and work with scientists, medical doctors, allied health professionals, and specialists on a daily basis and hope to inspire girls and women to follow their education dreams and make it happen!

We’d love you to finish this sentence: I’m grateful for my education because…

I’m grateful for my because it showed me that hard work and determination can open up opportunities to learn and grow!

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