Which Inspiration Journal are you?

Here at kikki.K we believe there’s nothing like putting pen to paper. One of our founder Kristina Karlsson’s favourite things to do at the end of each day is to use a journal to reflect on her thoughts and feelings. Taking some time out to think about your day not only helps you to unwind and de-stress, it’s often the first step to imagining new dreams and goals.

Our Inspiration Journals have been designed especially to help you focus on one area of your life, whether it’s Mindfulness, Happiness, Dreams, Goals or Gratitude. So this year, why not pick the one you want to focus on right now? To help you choose, here’s a little taster of how to use each one.

Mindfulness Journal

The Mindfulness Journal is here to help you live in the moment and gain greater awareness of your thoughts, feelings and surroundings. Through using this journal, you’ll learn some simple techniques to help you cultivate a mindful way of living. It’s also full of inspiring quotes as well as thought starters to get you thinking about your day.

Happiness Journal

Sometimes being happy is a choice we make. The Happiness Journal is full of tips and tricks to help you learn to take control of your happiness and plan to be happy every day. Use it to set yourself challenges and make notes about the choices and changes you’ve made over time.

Gratitude Journal

Living with a sense of appreciation for all the great things in life helps us live in the present. Use the Gratitude Journal to reflect on all the things you that have made you smile each day and celebrate each the wonderful moment, no matter how small.

101 Dreams Journal

The 101 Dreams Journal is perfect for anyone who wants to unleash their creativity and imagination. Use the exercises inside to get inspired and understand what you’re passionate about. The journal has tabs for up to ten years to encourage you to think small and think big. Because dreaming is the first step to doing.

Goals Journal

Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. The Goals Journal has been created to help you recognise your dreams and turn them into a reality. Within the tabs, you can set goals for yourself, using the monthly planner to map out the time to achieve them.

Shop the Inspiration Collection here and share which journal you’ll be using this year by commenting.

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