What’s in Kristina’s Planner?

I try to live every day with intention. For me, having the right organising tools is the best way to help me do this. I’d be absolutely lost without my planner. It’s my go-to for organising every area of my life; from my work schedule to my family. Each morning, I check in so I’m ready for a productive day ahead.

My planner essentials:

Wellness Planner
Printed Notepad
Metal Rollerball Pen
Adhesive Notes

To help you get started with your kikki.K planner, I thought I’d share my favourite tips and set-up ideas…


Take Lots of Notes

This is always my number 1 tip and I encourage my whole team to take a notebook and pen wherever they go. I’m an avid note-taker. It’s essential to help me keep learning as well as capture any new ideas and inspirations. I have a dedicated tab in my planner for note-taking in meetings, presentations or wherever!

Write Down Your Goals

Everything we do starts with a dream. Setting goals is the next step to making that happen. I really encourage you to write at least one goal in your planner so you see it in writing each day! What better way to inspire you to work hard and make it happen?


Inspire Yourself Daily

I love to fill my planner with things that make me smile, whether that be motivational quotes, cute stickers or my favourite photos. Keeping reminders of the things that really matter to me (like my family) helps me to stay positive and inspired.

Track Health and Wellness

Feeling healthy and happy is so important to each of us. I love to feel full of energy, making sure I take enough time to recharge and de-stress. That’s why I use my planner to schedule in fitness sessions, track my healthy habits and check in on how I’m feeling. Our Wellness Planner is perfect for helping you to do just that.


I hope these ideas inspire you to create the perfect planner set-up that works for you! Be sure to share your ideas with us on social media using #kikkiKPlannerLove.

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