What Type of Planner Are You? Tips and Ideas to Inspire Your Planning

Whether you’re using your planner for personal or professional life, we all have our own unique way of using them. You might be a minimalist and simply use the sections of a Planner as they come, or you may be a more creative type, embellishing and adding decorative items to really express your creativity. Or perhaps you’re a colour-code wizard who has everything organised by colour so you’ll never miss a thing? With so many types of Planners and planner personalities out there, we thought it best to share a few different ways – and common tips – to help you decide what might work for you as we start this second half of the year – 2020 Pt. 2.

Set your planner up to suit your needs.
Set up your planner so it works for you

Your perfect Planner should be as unique as you are. Firstly, think about how you see yourself using it and set yourself some goals for better organisation. Customising the sections of your Planner to match different tasks or areas of your life is a great way to start. If you’re using your Planner for work, split up the different areas you work on and label the sections accordingly. So, for example you could have a section for meetings, one for admin, one for ideas and the rest for different projects. If you’re using it for home, you could have one for housekeeping, one for DIY projects and one for family. Spend time thinking about what will work best for you!

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Add some inspiration and get creative (if that’s your style)

Spend time thinking about how you’ll decorate your Planner to suit your needs and your personality. Then, add your own unique touch with your favourite stationery items. If you’re looking for ideas, our Planner Accessories are perfect! And our Affirmation Cards and Greeting Cards are not only beautifully designed but are full of inspirational words of wisdom – perfect for decorating the tabs of your Planner. Or, why not choose some gorgeous stickers and embellishments from our Paper Lover’s Books and Sticker Books to attach your quotes throughout? Decorative Tape is also perfect for adding a little personality, and adds something truly special to your pages. Again, find what works for you.

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Take control of – and personalise – your Tasks and To Do Lists

A handy tip from planning enthusiasts everywhere is to keep on top of your schedule with To Do Lists and priority lists and keep them front and centre in your Planner – then, feel the satisfaction of ticking off each item as you accomplish it. Write everything down using your choice of Pens, Markers and Pencils. You can even create a feature of your To Do Lists and attach them to your planner’s monthly or weekly calendar pages with decorative Paper Clips as well!

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Make your Calendar work for you

kikki.K Planners come with Calendar sections (some dated and some undated) already inside so make sure you never miss another appointment or meeting by filling yours in. Use stickers to mark important dates as well as holidays to keep you motivated. You might want to introduce a colour coding system for different types of activities or for different family members. That way when you flick to a page, you’ll instantly be able to see everything that’s going on.

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Nothing beats putting pen to paper

Your Planner is only as good as the notes inside, so it’s time to get scribbling. If you have a smaller (B6) Planner, you might want to keep it with you at all times so you can capture things as they happen. Whether it’s an idea that pops into your head or an errand you need to run that week, writing it in your Planner immediately means you won’t forget. You can use notepads that slot into your planner or simply write into the weekly spread of your planner pages. If you have a larger (A5) Planner, some people find it easier to write little Adhesive Notes that you can keep checking throughout the day and be sure to note how urgent each task is – and then copy them in at a later time.

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Find Your Perfect Time to Check in

Depending on your routine, you’ll find that checking your Planner at certain times of the day helps you stay calm and organised. So, you might decide to check in first thing in the morning, halfway through the day and then once again in the evening, for example. That way you can check appointments, notes and To Do lists to keep you on track throughout the day. Adding Page Dividers , Tabs and Stickers to important pages means every time you sit down and open your Planner, you’ll be instantly reminded of anything you need to follow up.

Choosing your Planner

Just as it’s important to figure out how to use and decorate your Planner so it works for you, so too is choosing the right type of planner for your needs! Check out our easy guide below to help you in choosing the right Planner for you!

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If you find you enjoy cute or sweet illustrations throughout your planner, and are attracted to a unique cover material as well, we’d recommend having a look at the following kikki.K Planners:

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If you find you use your planner for work or professional reasons, or simply enjoy a minimal and sophisticated style, we’d recommend checking out our planners from our Signature Edition collection

Or for something still sophisticated, but a little unique, you might like these:

We also have planners designed for more specific purposes. So if you’re at that exciting time in your life where you’re planning a wedding, you can’ go past our Wedding Personal Planner.

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If you’re working on chasing your dreams and your Dream Life, our Dream Life Personal Planner is the one for you!

And if you’re looking to stay on top of your health and wellbeing, you simply can’t go past our Wellness Planner.

So, why not make 2020 Pt. 2 your fresh start and spend some time figuring out what type of planner you are – creative, minimal, detailed, colourful, or something entirely different? – then enjoy the freedom that comes from being organised in an inspiring and personal way.

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