Welcome To 2020 Pt 2 – Turn a New Page.

Don’t give up on the year that challenged you. We still have so much opportunity ahead, and we’re here to help you.

There’s no denying that the first half of 2020 has had its challenges for so many of us – and some of these aren’t even over for us all just yet. Roadblocks, curve-balls, perhaps even absolute chaos and in some cases, heartache and despair.

Here at kikki.K, we’re big believers in learning and growing from even the most challenging of moments – and that’s the path we’re choosing as we head into the second half of the year. We encourage you to as well.

Perhaps your job came to a halt, but some downtime helped you re-think your career plans…

Maybe more time at home taught you that slowing down more often was just what you needed to be your best self…

Or was it that you discovered what relationships are most important to you and you found a deeper understanding for gratitude and how to express is?  

Choose to learn and grow from these experiences and continue the momentum of positive change into the second half of 2020.  

Over the coming months, we’re here to help guide, inspire and empower you to turn challenge into change and change into triumph. Consider them chapters of the 2020 book, and this our chance to write Part Two together.

We hope to provide you with the inspiration and tools you need to stay positive, stay motivated and stay on track to make the most of 2020 and however you choose to spend the rest of it – the year that challenged you, but helped you grow – to dream, do, enjoy and share.

Here’s a summary of what we’ll be exploring, and we look forward to writing the pages with you:

2020 Pt 2.

Chapter 1: Let’s Make Plans Again
Chapter 2: Follow Your Bliss
Chapter 3: Embrace The Slow
Chapter 4: Focus On The Good
Chapter 5: Let the Good Times Roll

Chapter 1: Let’s Make Plans Again

Setting up a new Diary, Calendar or Planner is a beautiful tangible way to start afresh. As we begin to slowly take control of what brought a halt to our plans recently, be inspired to start to diarise special dates, plan projects and commit to key milestones again.

Why not get started with our 20/21 Diaries & Calendars or a beautiful kikki.K Planner. Personalise with kikki.K Monogramming and customise with beautiful Accessories so you can set up for success in 2020 Pt 2.

So what did you learn in the first half of the year, and how will you choose to live your 2020 Pt 2? Join the conversation with #kikkik2020Pt2 and #kikkiklove


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