Top 5 Tips for Wellbeing at School, Work or University

With the back-to-school organising and back-to-work well and truly in full swing, we thought it would be a great time to pause for a moment and remind everyone of the importance of wellbeing and looking after ourselves each day, as well as being organised and having all the right stationery to help you do so. Here are five of our top tips for looking after your wellbeing at school, work and university, and we’ve also thrown in a delicious recipe to inspire you as well!

1| Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

It’s something we speak about a lot here in the kikki.K office, and it’s something you will hear us talk about a lot anytime the topic of wellbeing or health comes up – and that’s water. Yes, delicious and simple H20 really is the elixir of life, but in order to maintain your regular 8 glasses (or 2 litres) at least of water a day, you need to have a drinking vessel that makes you want to drink more. And lucky for you, we’ve got plenty of beautiful drink bottles to choose from. Take your pick and hydrate as you go about your days. You’ll thank us for it!

2| Make time for mindful moments

Our school and work-days can be very full, especially at the start of a New Year or new term, and even more so when the time comes for assignments and exams or deadlines. Often when our schedules become fuller, we can forget about taking a little time out to check in with ourselves and be mindful. Try to keep this in mind as you start a fresh year, and remember to take a breath, look around you and take in everything you can see, hear and feel for a few moments. Journal about them if you wish. Close your mind to your deadlines and other noise for just a moment each day to really be present, and you’ll find you can return your focus to your tasks at hand much clearer when you do. Be aware of your energy and stress levels. Take time out when you need it and try to be present when studying or working. Set yourself rewards for difficult tasks and take a moment to celebrate every small accomplishment.

3| Stay positive, be grateful

As the saying goes, a positive mind leads to a positive life – and we couldn’t agree more. By choosing to see the positive in any situation (rather than the negative), you’re so much more inclined to feel more positive about that situation as well. Keep this in mind as you start a new school or work year and try to seek out the silver linings in every day. One of the best ways to do this is to write down three things you’re grateful for at the end of every day. It could be a simple as the below, for example:

  1. I’m grateful for learning a new subject
  2. I’m so grateful for my kind and helpful teachers
  3. I have so much fun with my friends

No matter how big or small, unique or challenging, making a point of treasuring moments in your day will help change your outlook on life for the positive. Here are just a few of the most common benefits to keep in mind…

– Gratitude enhances happiness, which in turn, can have a positive effect on all areas of your life.

– When you focus on the positive, you are training your mind to think positively, and

– Gratitude helps us live in the present and see the beauty around us.

4| Prioritise your time

Setting time each day for study and specific tasks, and making sure you do this efficiently equals more time to enjoy doing more of the things you love – therefore it’s important that you have the right tools to help you do so! We recommend using a Study Planner or Study Diary if you’re at school, or a regular Diary or Planner if you’re at work, and plotting in all of your assignments, deadlines, priorities, study time and other commitments each week, then sticking to these so you can ensure you’re giving yourself enough space for ‘you’ time in your full weeks as well.

5| Nourish your body as well as your mind

It’s no secret that a huge factor in our wellbeing is the food choices we make. And sometimes, especially when it comes to school, work and busy periods of our life, it’s easy to let this slide, which can then have a domino effect on all other areas of our lives. So, keep this in mind and plan to eat healthy, home-cooked and fresh foods at school and work this year. Pack your lunches every day and avoid the tempting yet convenient junk food options as much as possible!

And as a special treat, why not try out our delicious raw date-chip cookie dough balls as a healthy snack this week? Recipe below:

Raw DATE-CHIP Cookie Dough Balls Recipe

Dry Ingredients

  • ¼ cup coconut flour
  • 3 Tbsp almond meal

Wet Ingredients

  • 1 tsp rice bran syrup
  • 3 Tbsp peanut butter
  • 1 tsp organic vanilla extract
  • ¼ cup diced dates (soak for 10 mins, then drain and dice)


  • Add all ingredients to a mixing bowl and mix well until combined, ensuring the dates are spread evenly throughout.
  • Roll dough into 3cm balls and refrigerate in an air-sealed container for 2-4 hours.
  • Take to school, work or university and enjoy!


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