Think Positively: Simple Tips for Shifting Your Mindset to Focus on the Good

Life is full of ups and downs, sometimes even times that feel completely upside down and sideways for that matter! Curve balls, tricky situations, unexpected change and sometimes sad and troubling times are unfortunately part of this complex life we live, and while we can’t predict or control them, we can try to control our attitude and our overall outlook. Something we find truly helpful, especially during more challenging times, is taking a moment to shift our mindset to seek out silver linings. Explore some simple tips below to help you focus more on the positives, even during negative times.

It’s important to remember, when we talk about shifting our mindset to a positive one, we certainly don’t mean ignoring the challenging and negative thoughts and feelings when they occur. We’re not talking about pretending everything is fine when it’s not. Sometimes moments are difficult and it’s important to be mindful of these, acknowledge how you’re feeling and take your time to process these feelings as best you can. Choosing a more positive outlook is more about finding something light in a dark time, taking a moment to focus your mind toward something positive and choosing to see that there is good around us, no matter what is happening.

It’s very easy during difficult times to be overwhelmed by the negativity and uncertainty that surrounds us, but by shifting your perspective and training your mind to think more positively, you can open yourself up to start appreciating the beauty around you. It can be challenging at first, finding positives in a seemingly negative moment or time, but the more you practise, the easier it will be to find those silver linings. Even in your most difficult times, take a moment to find the beauty that exists in the world. It is in these moments you’ll feel the benefits the most.

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A moment to reflect and reframe

Here are some simple questions to help reframe your mindset. When faced with a challenging time in your life, try asking yourself some of these questions. Hopefully they will help you see the good in the world, even for just a moment:

What have I learnt/can I learn from this situation?

What am I looking forward to when this passes?

What is something beautiful I can focus on for a moment?

Note: This could be a song, clouds in the sky, a cup of tea, a pet – anything that makes you feel happy. Look around you and focus on something positive that will bring you a moment of joy.

How has this challenge changed me positively?

Note: This could be that you feel stronger, you’ve learned something new, you’ve had your eyes open to something you weren’t aware of before etc.

What are some wonderful things that have happened to me this year?

What are all the things in my life that bring me happiness?

Is there anything positive that can be gained from this situation?

Note: This one requires some deeper thinking. For example: many of us have faced/are facing lockdown restrictions due to Covid-19, being isolated from work, friends, family etc. Some ways we could reframe this challenge and use it to our favour could be:
– I use the time I would normally spend commuting to do some exercise
– I can use this downtime to learn a new skill, spend more time with family etc.
– Perhaps it is simply that this challenge has helped you realise how grateful you are for your life before this. Or how grateful you are for the people in your life that you may have subconsciously taken for granted before now.

Another example could be as simple as the weather turning from a sunny day to a rainy one. It may ruin your plans to go outside, but the positives to be gained could be:
– The plants really need some rain
– I can use this time to relax and catch up on a good book
– I love the sound of rain on the roof

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It’s easy to forget the good in life when things become a little challenging. Help your mind put things back in perspective by creating a regular gratitude practice – a gratitude ritual. This can be as simple as writing down three things you’re grateful for every day. Give it a try now.

If you’re looking for more ways to explore gratitude, be sure to read our recent blog here on the benefits of a gratitude practice and simple ways you can incorporate more gratitude in your days.


Sometimes switching your language can help shift your perspective as well. There are negative phrases that start you thinking negatively from the outset. And there are different ways of saying virtually the same thing, but coming from a more positive perspective. Here are some simple words and phrases you can switch out to frame your mind in a more positive way.


I can’t – I will try to

I’m so busy – I’m so productive / my days are full

I don’t want to – this will challenge me, but I’ll give it a go

I’ve never done that before – this is a chance to try/learn something new

I ‘have’ to do something – I ‘get’ to do something

I’m so tired – I’ll go to bed early tonight

I don’t like this change – I’m going to think of it as a new adventure

Today is not a good day – tomorrow is a new day

Note: We know these may not always work in the ways listed above, but it’s something to keep in the back of your mind. The language you choose can have a huge effect on your outlook, so choose wisely.

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Celebrate the small things

Be proud of yourself. Even if all you did today was get out of bed, be proud. If you ever find yourself in a bit of a negative slump and struggling with feeling positive about yourself, pause and think about all the things you have achieved, all your strengths, your skills, your talents and all the things you’re proud of. Life can be tough, but be kind to yourself and remind yourself how incredible you are.

The mind is a magnificent force. We have the power within us to change our entire outlook on life, to overcome negative thoughts if we want to, and welcome more happiness into our everyday. Next time you feel a negative thought taking over, acknowledge it but then try to move your mind something positive – even if just for a moment. Turn this into a daily habit so you can welcome more positivity into your life and enjoy the beauty around you.

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