The Power of Sharing Your Dreams

Your dreams can be big or small. They might take years or just days to achieve. The simple practice of dreaming is all about letting your dreams come to life, embracing your passions – your bliss – and falling in love with the feelings of excitement and possibility that they create. Whether your dreams are as big as a career change or as simple as creating more ‘me time’ for yourself, there are a few simple actions you can take to bring them closer to reality, and the most powerful one is simply to write them down and share them with others!

That’s right, something amazing happens when you not only write down, but share your dreams. Never underestimate the power of putting pen to paper and visualising your dreams. By doing so, you’re acknowledging their importance, transforming them from a mere wish into a physical manifestation. If you write them down on a regular basis, you’re much more likely to achieve them. And, if you share them with someone, the likelihood of you achieving them increases again!

When we write down and then share our dreams, we subconsciously (and consciously) start to take action to make them come true. So, as well as being prepared to write down your dreams as they arise, why not explore some of these simple ideas below for ways you can share them as well – making yourself accountable and keeping them at the front of your mind.

Start a Dreaming Group – virtually or safely in-person

Gather up your friends – the ones you know will support you and each other – and share your dreams, big and small. Discuss how you’ll achieve them, the steps you’ll take and how you can help each other.  Talk through challenges and actions, hopes and ideas. This could be monthly, weekly, or annually. By sharing your dreams with people who you know will support you (and who you can also support) you’ll find you can achieve so much more than you imagined.

In this ever-changing environment we’re facing right now, be sure to choose a safe way to gather – either socially distancing in small groups if allowed or even better, organise a group video call to share with each other – no matter where you are in the world!

Here are some of our favourite tools to help dreaming groups:

Dreams Journal
Your Dream Life Starts Here Book & Journal

Dreaming Mini Books: Dream Big, The Power of Purpose, Follow Your Passions, From Dreaming to Doing, Visualise Your Dream Life

Dreams Toolkit
My Dream Roadmap 
101 Dreams Jar

Create a Vision Board or Vision Board Book

Creating a visual representation of your dreams is a beautiful and powerful way to help support you to turn them into reality. A vision board or vision board book acts as a tool that helps motivate you to take action to make your dreams come true. Not only is it fun to make, it’s something you can easily look at across the course of the day to remind yourself of the journey you’re on. Keep it handy, keep it visible, share it with people, put it up for display.

Depending on what your dreams are, you might have images that represent travel destinations you want to visit, or images that reflect the sense of joy or peace you strive for each day. You might have pictures that represent the kind of person you want to be.  You could include things like photos of your family and friends, or pictures that represent your dream career. Inspiring quotes and images you love – it’s up to you!

Here are some of our favourite tools for visualising:

Vision Board
Vision Board Book
Affirmation Cards 
Paper Lover’s Book

have regular dreaming conversations

There are few things more powerful than simply having a meaningful conversation. Whether that be over a cup of tea, while you’re on a walk, or even over the phone. Try speaking often and regularly about your dreams to your friends, mentors and loves ones, and keep your dreams alive. Update each other on progress, challenges, achievements.

Share them with us!

As many of you know, the simple act of Kristina Karlsson writing her dreams down on paper at 3am, and sharing them with her partner, Paul led her to start her own business – yes, kikki.K!

And now, another of her big, crazy dreams is to inspire and empower 101 million people around the world, just like you, to write down 3 dreams, and go chase them. So, don’t forget to share your dreams with us using the hashtag #101milliondreamers and be sure to tag @kristinakikkik and @kikki.K, or visit to share them directly with the kikki.K team.

In the spirit of sharing, we asked some of our kikki.K team to share some dreams they’re working on (even during these uncertain times) and as we’re asking everyone to focus on ‘Following Your Bliss’ in this second half of the year, we thought we’d also ask them to share exactly what this means to them. We hope this inspires you to consider what it means to you as well.

What is a dream you’re currently working towards?

“Me and my family are working towards our dream house with a little home office and mini coffee bar. Team effort!”
– Karla, E-Commerce Coordinator

“Building towards our next big camping adventure to Cape York and winning another championship trophy for drag racing.”
– Brian, DC and Logistics Manager

“I’m still working through my dream of hiking as many of the world’s most incredible hikes as I can. Right now, it seems a little further out of reach so I’m focusing on my training and saving rather than the travel at this point!”
– Kristy, Creative Content Manager

What does ‘following your bliss’ mean to you?

“It’s the delight in small things, peace of mind and freedom to choose, being surrounded by loved ones, and laughing often! It’s the festive Christmas feeling!”
– Karla, E-Commerce Coordinator

“Doing what makes me happy and my family happy. Acting either towards one common goal or one alone. It’s all about making happiness!”
– Brian, DC and Logistics Manager

“For me, it means always checking in that the things I’m doing align with and bring me closer to the things I love, my passions. It’s about consciously making choices that fill me with joy and light me up.”
– Kristy, Creative Content Manager

Remember, no matter what is happening in the world right now, there’s always space for dreaming. So, dream big, dream often, and don’t forget to share those dreams as well!

Embrace the possibilities of 2020 Pt. 2, follow your bliss and join the conversation with #kikkik2020Pt2 and #kikkiklove

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