The New Way to Meditate with Smiling Mind

Here at kikki.K we love using the Smiling Mind app and website for simple, fast and effortless meditation activities and inspiration. That’s why we’ve collaborated with them to create our Mindfulness in a Box, with $1 from every kit sold going to Smiling Mind. To celebrate, we caught up with their General Manager Lucy Richards to get her 5 tips on mindful meditation.

1. Be kind to yourself

One of the most important aspects of mindfulness is non-judgement, which means whatever you experience during a meditation is A-OK.

2. Be pro-active

Don’t just wait until you are already stressed to try it, do it ­before – this can help prevent stress from taking over, and assist in managing stress more effectively if it does arise.

3. Set realistic goals

My meditation teacher gave me fantastic advice: “The best routine to set for yourself is the one you are actually going to do.” So don’t tell yourself you are going to meditate everyday if you know that’s not realistic. Start with what you know you can manage, even if that’s simply counting 3 breaths before you get out of bed in the morning.

4. Don’t be afraid to try

One of the first things we communicate to those starting their mindfulness journey, is that the mind is made to think; it’s what it’s always going to so. Mindfulness Meditation is not about clearing your mind or being ‘zen’, it’s simply about bringing your attention into the present moment and observing what is at hand

5. Use technology to motivate you

Technology is undoubtedly a big part of our lives, and is here to stay. Smiling Mind works to use technology for good (not ‘evil’ as it’s often portrayed) by using its ability to be engaging, accessible (literally in your back pocket!) and cost effective. Using the Smiling Mind app encourages goal setting, gratitude and resilience, all things that empower people to drive their own happiness.

Find out more about Smiling Mind here.

Discover Mindfulness in a Box here.

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