The difference between a Personal Planner and a Time Planner

kikki.K Planners are designed to help you take control of your schedule, meetings, notes and tasks, so you can keep everything in one stylish place. Our Planner fans love customising and decorating theirs to create the perfect, personalised organisation tool. If you’re new to all things Planners, you may be wondering what the difference is between a Personal and Time Planner. To help you choose the one that’s best for your life, we thought we’d share a guide to the difference between the two styles.

Time Planner benefits and uses

Time Planner

Many people love using a Time Planner as a bible for all their personal tasks, keeping it to hand to easily reference all their important information. Our new Ocean Time Planner has tabbed sections for Addresses, Birthdays & Anniversaries, Shops & Restaurants, To Do List and Expenses. You can use each section to write down any tasks, important notes or events, for example to keep track of your monthly budget or to remind yourself of restaurants you’d like to visit. We think there’s nothing better than that gorgeous, tactile feeling that comes from having all your information at your fingertips with a beautiful leather Planner. It also means you don’t have to worry about technology failures or losing important information in different notebooks or scraps of paper.

The other important difference to our Personal Planners is that our Time Planners come with monthly and weekly view calendars that already have 2015/2016 dates marked out. View your month ahead at a glance and use the weekly pages to write more detailed notes and appointments. And don’t worry, you can always buy Time Planner Refills so you can reuse your Planner next year.

What's the difference between a time planner and personal planner

Personal Planner

If you have a busy work or personal schedule to manage, with lots of different balls to juggle, a Personal Planner might be the perfect choice for you. The tabbed sections include Notes Pages, To Do List and Meeting Notes, so you can instantly flick to the section you need while you’re at work or out running errands. There are also 4 other blank tabs as well as stickers for you to customise each tab. This means you can set up and customise your Personal Planner to exactly suit your wants, needs and lifestyle. You might decide to dedicate each tab to a different area of your life, for example projects, inspiration, meal planning, fitness, blog posts, responsibilities, ideas and more. The possibilities are endless!

Our Personal Planners come with an 18 month perpetual calendar, which means you can start at any date you choose and fill out as you go. Of course, you can always add a Time Planner Refill to your Personal Planner if you prefer to have a weekly and monthly view with the dates already added. And don’t forget that with both Planners, once you’ve run out of inserts, you can simple buy a refill and start afresh.

Feeling inspired to get planning? Discover our selection here and visit our YouTube channel to find out how to customise yours.

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