The Desk of Your Dreams: How to Create an Inspired Yet Practical Desk Set Up

Creating a workspace that’s both beautiful and practical, and that you truly enjoy spending time in, can do so much for your creativity, productivity and motivation. From having the right tools and stationery items to make your life easier, to surrounding yourself with the things that bring you joy, there are a few small ways to make your workspace your happy space. One that will inspire you to achieve your dreams, help you to enjoy the little moments and simply make you happy. Whether you work or are at university or school, be inspired to create a desk space you love with these simple ideas.

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Make your desk work for you

Start out by mapping your responsibilities, priorities and daily routine. It can help to write these down first. Then ensure that you have the right stationery tools that work for you. If you have a lot of subjects, perhaps you’ll need multiple Notebooks; if you need a daily reminder of your priorities, perhaps a Daily, Weekly or Monthly Planner, or Study Planner than can sit on your desk will be key for you. Need pens, pencils and other essentials? Make sure they’re easily accessible on your desk. Think about all the things that will help you stay motivated and productive, and incorporate those into your desk layout.

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Make space for the things you love 

You’re so much more likely to be happy and motivated when you incorporate space and time for the things you love into your workspace. Whether you enjoy a beautiful ritual of burning a candle, taking a moment to talk your plants, or read your daily Affirmation Cards for a little inspiration, be sure to make time and space for what really matters to you, when planning your desk.

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Everything you need to learn in style

There is so much you can do to set yourself up for success this school year. Ensure you have a Notebook you love for each school subject and be ready to learn and take notes in style. Get into the habit of setting priorities each week and make the most of every hour of study. Our Study Planner is perfect for helping you keep track of deadlines, manage your schedule and set goals for the school year. If you need Pens, grab a whole bunch and pop them in a Pencil Cup so you’ll always have them handy. Need Highlighters? Keep them on your desk as well. Think of all the things you need, choose them in coordinating designs and you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

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Set your 2020 vision

It’s so important to have a clear vision of where you’re going, with both long and short term goals. We love adding these to a Vision Board in our workspace. It’s a great motivating reminder to keep going and to believe in your dreams. Fill with quotes, photos, schedules, whatever you need to inspire you to look forward and achieve greatness.

Reduce clutter

A tidy desk means a tidy mind, so in order to only focus on one thing at a time, ensure your desk is free of distractions. Keep only your essentials on your desk, and set up Storage Solutions for everything else. Make sure your organisation system is so simple that you’ll love using it.

Use a planner or diary

Rather than relying on an electronic calendar, spending a little time each day to manage your schedule in a Planner or Diary means you’ll have more awareness of how much time you have free after meetings and appointments. Map out this free time, ensuring you have adequate time for all upcoming tasks and love approaching the week ahead feeling really prepared.

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Be ready to take your workspace on-the-go at any time

If you’re someone who needs to attend a lot of meetings and appointments, or simply enjoy working or studying at a cafe or anywhere, make it easy to take your workspace with you on the go so you always have everything you need. Whether you keep everything important in your Planner, or have the perfect Laptop Case or Compendium, where you can easily store your Notebooks and tech pieces, create a streamlined and simple system that works for you.

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