Tererai Trent x kikki.k Collaboration, She Shines – Helping Empower Women & Provide Access to Quality Education for all Children.

kikki.K will share a percentage of profit from the sale of this gorgeous She Shines collection with Dr Tererai Trent’s Awakened Woman LLC, building on Oprah’s generous foundational support to help empower women and provide quality education for all children. 

What makes you feel truly alive? What are you passionate about? This is what kikki.K founder, Kristina Karlsson and Oprah Winfrey’s ‘all-time favourite guest’ Dr Tererai Trent asked themselves when collaborating on this irresistible and inspiring collection.

This limited-edition collection is inspired by a desire to help empower women all over the globe to look within, follow their passions, chase their dreams, and discover their true purpose in life.

To help build on the already generous support Tererai has received from Oprah, kikki.K is proud to share a percentage of the profits from the kikki.K She Shines collection with the Awakened Woman LLC, to directly support Tererai’s work in Zimbabwe, where she endeavours to empower women and men alike and provide access to quality education for all children regardless of their gender or socio-economic backgrounds.

Living proof of the power of dreaming, both Kristina and Tererai truly believe in the transforming capabilities of dreaming and writing dreams down on paper.

“Our She Shines collection has been created to help you explore and understand what it is that drives you and aims to inspire and empower people everywhere to look within, to have the courage to dream and to write down those dreams on paper. I have been deeply inspired by the stories and powerful practices of Dr Tererai Trent and am so excited to bring these to life with our beautifully designed products,” said Kristina.

“When you have a vision to change your life or passion you dream of pursuing, writing it down allows it to become ingrained in your thoughts. It can be manifested, because your mind and your thoughts and your feelings become focused on that vision. Dreaming is so powerful and I hope that our She Shines collection will inspire people to take the first steps in writing their dreams down. Tinogona! It is achievable.” said Tererai.

“I am proud to partner with Kristina and kikki.K, and am extremely grateful for their ongoing support and contribution to my foundation,” she added.

Combining soft, feminine pastels and elegant foil highlights with inspiring hand-drawn designs of stars, constellations and the night sky, all 57 pieces from the She Shines collection are as beautiful as they are empowering.

The collection features a unique 12-product capsule created directly with Tererai, including limited editions of Tererai’s award-winning books, The Awakened Woman and The Girl Who Buried Her Dreams in a Can, as well as beautifully crafted accompanying The Awakened Woman Journal , designed to encourage women and everywhere to chase their dreams, and also the Dream, Believe, Achieve Journal, a beautiful children’s activity journal for the young at heart to explore a world of dream possibilities and dare to dream big.

The Tererai capsule range also features a Write & Release Ritual Kit, based on Tererai’s ritual of identifying, confronting and letting go of any fears or negative emotions holding your dreams back; a Dream Tin Set, inspiring you to write down and visualise your dreams in the same way Tererai did when she buried them in a can; and a 12-pack of Quote Cards with Wooden Stand, designed to inspire you to dream big and manifest your desires.

In addition to the not-to-be-missed Tererai capsule range, the She Shines collection also features stunning supporting products perfect for stationery lovers and gift-givers alike, including, porcelain travel cup and stainless steel drink bottle, notebooks, journals and planners, greeting cards, gift bags and wrapping paper!

Let your light shine and enjoy the beauty of this extra special Tererai Trent x kikki.K She Shines collaboration collection. And remember, kikki.K will be sharing a percentage of profits from all products in the collection with Tererai’s Awakened Woman LLC. Shop this gorgeous collection and be inspired to chase your dreams today.