Take our Gratitude Challenge

The festive season brings with it the desire to tick off lists – not just for gifts, but people and places to visit, things to see and do. We can get so caught up trying to get to the other side of the season that we lose sight of making these things truly meaningful.

Christmas is the perfect time to stop and reflect on the people that make your life special, and why: to think about the memories you’ve experienced and moments you still have to look forward to. Be inspired to express gratitude in all its forms this festive season with our Gratitude Challenge.

Take our gratitude challenge

Choose any day to start taking part in our challenge and celebrate moments of gratitude. We’d love to see you share your gratitude acts with us on social media using #kikkiKGratefulHeart. We’ll be rewarding our favourite acts each week with a special treat.

  1. Facilitate a Secret Santa amongst friends or colleagues
  2. Wrap a special gift for someone you love
  3. Make someone a DIY ornament
  4. Volunteer for a charity
  5. Send a card to a loved one
  6. Share a photo of someone you’re grateful for
  7. Create a photo album or memory book
  8. Reflect and list 10 moments or memories you’re grateful for
  9. Bake treats for friends or colleagues
  10. Make or give a little gift just because
  11. Write down five things you love about the holidays
  12. Invite someone to join a family tradition
  13. Teach someone something
  14. Pay it forward to a stranger
  15. Donate a gift to someone in need
  16. Leave an inspiring quote on a colleague’s desk
  17. Connect with someone you haven’t in a while
  18. Call someone to tell them you love them
  19. Reflect and list 10 people you’re grateful for
  20. Choose any way to express gratitude to your family
  21. Surprise someone with flowers
  22. Display your Christmas Cards and love seeing them every day
  23. Host an impromptu celebration for friends
  24. Write a thank you card or letter
  25. Cook a meal for someone
  26. Take someone on an adventure
  27. Start a Gratitude Journal
  28. Share a photo of something you’re grateful for
  29. Write a reverse bucket list
  30. Make someone a handmade gift


We’ll be sharing more gratitude challenge ideas each week until Christmas so be sure to keep checking back to join the fun.

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