#40: Myles Hopper – Mindful Eating, Values & How Small Changes Create Lasting Results with Mindful Chef Co-Founder – Your Dream Life Podcast

This episode, Kristina speaks to Myles Hopper, co-founder of the ethically-minded, healthy recipe box company Mindful Chef, whose mission is to help people lead healthier and more sustainable lives through simple recipes and ingredients sourced from local, ethical suppliers. With a wealth of knowledge on all things health, fitness, nutrition, business, and a passion for enjoying life and making a positive difference in the world, Myles shares the Mindful Chef journey with us along with plenty more inspiration.

Myles, along with his school friends Giles and Rob founded the Mindful Chef back in 2015, and they continue to make healthy eating easier for their fast growing customer-base across the UK today.

As you might imagine, the name Mindful Chef expresses everything their business hopes to be: mindful of the suppliers they use, mindful of the ingredients they include and mindful of their impact on the environment.

A wonderful example of this is their partnership with the inspirational charity, One Feeds Two’.

This partnership means that for every Mindful meal sold, they donate a school meal to a child living in poverty. And to date, they have donated over 1.5 million meals to children in need – just incredible.

Mindful Chef is also the Official Nutrition Partner to the English Institute of Sport – helping to power athletes in the build-up to major competitions.

And their Mindful Chef cookbook which was awarded the Number 1 Healthy Eating Book of 2017!

In this wonderfully inspiring episode, you will discover:

  • How breaking your large goals down into smaller behavioral changes can help to create long-lasting change
  • The power of pausing to consider how you could do things a little better than you’re currently doing them – at work, in your personal life and for the world
  • That sometimes we all need to take a moment to look up, and slow down, no matter what we’re doing
  • The importance of considering who can help you get to where you need to be
  • Some wonderful tips for living a healthier lifestyle
  • How taking your time with meal prep can have huge positive benefits for your digestion and overall wellbeing
  • Tips for starting up your own business
  • The benefits of experiencing new things and taking the time to enjoy them
  • How living and breathing your values can positively influence every other aspect of your life and business
  • That as soon as you make one positive change, you’ll start to think about ways to improve other parts of your life as well, and so much more.

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“I just love how three friends were able to create the Mindful Chef out of a simple idea, but also how they were able to build its purpose around a set of clear values which helped them not only drive the business to success, but also to spread a positive message of health, sustainability and the environment around the world.” Kristina Karlsson

“Something else I really loved is the idea that we’re so much more likely to succeed and create long-lasting changes when we break down our huge goals and dreams into smaller behavioural changes – I couldn’t agree more! So often we get overwhelmed by the size of our dreams and goals that we give up before we’ve even begun!” Kristina Karlsson


How Will You Spend Your Bonus Day on 29 February?

Who feels like a year, 365 days, goes extremely fast? And who wishes they had more hours or days in their year? The reality is, we all have the same amount of time and it really is up to us to make sure we use it wisely to fit in all the things that are important to us. However, the exciting thing this year is that we do have one whole extra day in February. That’s right – this year is a leap year, so the 29th is one extra day that we won’t see again for another four years!

Rather than treating this as just another day I am going to make the most of it and do only what I love and treat it as a self-care day. How will you spend yours?

You might want to take the day to do something super fun or get super organised. Maybe spend it relaxing, working on your dreams, goals, or with friends and family (or even in solitude on your own). Perhaps your day will be productive or indulgent  – whatever you choose to do, try to remember that every new day is a new opportunity, and this bonus day is an extra day for you to do something your future self will thank you for.

For me, it will be time for a little self-care. Now, a self-care day can look different to everybody, so I encourage you all to spend some time thinking about what you’d love to spend it doing (whether it’s a self-care day or something entirely different) and plan it exactly how you want it.

With that in mind, my day will look a little something like this:

I will get up early, at 5am to make the most of this special day. I’ll start with a glass of lemon water while I enjoy putting pen to paper and writing my three ‘morning pages’ in a beautiful notebook.

I will then reflect and write down insights, thoughts, and ideas in my Life Journal while drinking one of my first of many cups of tea for the day.  And of course, I’ll have my favourite candles burning.

My morning will also consist of some meditation and reading a few pages of Shahroo Izadi’s The Kindness Method. I can’t put it down at the moment!  (And as a side-note, if you haven’t listened to her podcast, it’s wonderful. You can listen here>)

Movement is part of me living my dream life so I will go for a short run, finishing at my local yoga studio where I’ll attend the slow yoga class before walking home via my favourite local coffee shop for my morning coffee on-the-go.

When I get home the family will be awake and our day together will really begin. I will make breakfast and get everyone around the table to enjoy conversation and each other’s company, without rushing. There is no hurry on this bonus day!

The rest of the day will be spent walking in nature, writing in my journal and reading. It’s so simple but this is what my kind of ‘perfect’ day looks like. For some, this may seem a little ‘boring’ but that’s where we’re all different. The beauty of us all being individual is that everyone’s ‘perfect’ day will be unique to them.

If you need some inspiration on how to spend your bonus day, some of our lovely kikki.K Team have shared their plans below. And if you’re looking for even more guidance on how to create your perfect day below, I cover this in my book, ‘Your Dream Life Starts Here’ as well!

Mark, Global Brand Manager

After being woken bright and early by our mischievous dachshunds no doubt, my husband and I will be hitting the tennis court with a couple of our besties for a casual (but competitive!) hit-up. I also recently starting hand-making some bespoke felt koala artworks to sell and fundraise for the animals affected in the recent Australian bushfires, so I’m looking forward to a crafternoon to finish some more of them off too!

Joanna, Designer

To be completely honest, I’m really looking forward to getting a little sleep in and not waking up to the sound of my alarm going off! Next up is coffee at a local cafe. I find that whenever I have the time, I prefer sitting-in rather than grabbing take-away as it allows me to slow down and really appreciate both the coffee and whoever I might be having coffee with. After that, I plan to go for a walk in a nice park or garden and enjoy the last of summer, if the weather permits! Lastly, I hope to spend some quality time with family.

Ali, Retail Operations MANAGER

I’m really looking forward to taking myself out for brunch then spending the afternoon at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). I’m a member but don’t often have time to get there and check out some of the lesser-known exhibitions. I always leave feeling super inspired and recharged. It’s like a quiet oasis in the middle of a busy city (and life!).

Kristy, Creative Content Manager

I’m really looking forward to spending half the day outdoors, hiking through nature and having a picnic lunch with friends somewhere beautiful. I never get enough time for this and whenever I can get out of the city and into the fresh air and mountains, I find it re-energises me and gives me so much more clarity to manage all the other (very full!) parts of my life. After that, I’ll likely dedicate the rest of the day to checking in on my goals and setting some clear action plans for the month ahead. Again, I usually find it hard to fit time for this into my days, so an extra day to do this in 2020 is such a bonus!

Sarah, Social Media Manager

I’ve planned a day of things that have been sitting on my to-do list for far too long! I’m going to start the morning with a sunrise walk and a fika with an old friend, then I’m going to declutter and organise the spare room to create a more calm, relaxing and productive space for creative projects. I’m also looking forward to writing down a few of my favourite family recipes into a DIY Album (while enjoying a glass of rosé !) so I can create a keepsake to use and look back on for years to come.

I just love all of these ideas, and I hope they’ve inspired you to treat your extra day on 29 February as a true opportunity to do something for you. It’s not often we get the chance to have a whole extra 24 hours in our year – so be sure to make the most of it!

I would love to hear your plans, and together I hope we inspire everyone around us to grab this opportunity as well!



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#39: Ruby Warrington – Working Through a Fear of Change, Treating Yourself with Love and Being ‘Sober Curious’ – Your Dream Life Podcast

This episode, Kristina speaks to Ruby Warrington – an author, speaker, brand consultant, copywriter and thought leader on a mission is to inspire people to see the world through a new lens. Through her books, Material Girl, Mystical World and her latest title, Sober Curious, she invites us all to engage with life on a deeper, more meaningful level.

After asking herself what she really wanted out of life, Ruby became curious about the benefits of living an alcohol-free existence, and soon realised that she could be more present, energetic and focused when she removed alcohol from the equation.

With 20 years’ experience as a lifestyle journalist and Founder of The Numinous – an online platform that aims to ‘Make the Mystical more Mainstream’ – Ruby believes in the value of feelings as well as facts, and encourages us all to acknowledge that being human is a truly spiritual experience.

Full of simple tips and inspirational learnings, this episode will help you discover:

  • What happens when you ask yourself ‘what type of life do you really want to live?’
  • Helpful tips for anyone who may be considering giving up alcohol
  • How to focus on the positive things you’d like to cultivate in your life, rather than the negative things you’d like to remove
  • The importance of treating yourself with love and doing more of the things that make you feel great
  • Some incredible benefits that Ruby and I have both found from giving up alcohol
  • Ways to work through a fear of change when making large life decisions
  • How a regular journaling practice can help you understand yourself on a deeper level
  • The benefits of being selective with how you spend your time, your energy and who you spend it with, and so much more!

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“Not only is Ruby super inspiring, but I can also really relate to her ‘Sober Curious’ journey so much, as I’ve been on one myself! And I can honestly say that after not drinking for over two years now, I do feel that I’m a lot healthier, I sleep better and am more focused and present in my everyday life. Which is so important to me.” Kristina Karlsson

“What I really loved about chatting to Ruby was that everything she spoke about really came back to the idea of ‘living your best life’ and the importance of asking yourself ‘what type of life do you want to live?’ ” Kristina Karlsson



#38: Lauren Armes – Personal Growth and Wellbeing, Challenging Your Own Beliefs and Understanding Your ‘Why?’ – Your Dream Life Podcast

This episode, Kristina catches up with the wonderful Lauren Armes – a brilliant entrepreneur, business mentor, speaker, and the UK’s leading business coach for female entrepreneurs in the wellness industry. Through her company, Welltodo, Lauren dedicates her time to championing other women looking to build a powerful business, make money, and create lasting impact.

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