Taking the time to write in a Journal every day is a beautiful way to pause, reflect and welcome greater mindfulness into your world, collecting memories as you go.

If you’ve ever wondered whether journaling is for you, how and why people journal, or even what journaling really is, we’ve put together some of our favourite tips and techniques to help you understand and embrace this beautiful practice.

Take some time for yourself now as you read on, and discover more about the art of journaling, then be inspired by our latest collection of beautiful stationery and Journals as you let your imagination take flight.


Nourish your mind & body: our top 5 tips for wellness on-the-go!

With back-to-study organising and back-to-work life well and truly in full swing, what better time than now to remind everyone of the importance of wellbeing and looking after ourselves each day? Whether on-the-go or sitting busily at your desk, here are our five favourite tips for looking after your wellbeing at school, work and university – plus the tools to help you!

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Why Our All-New Wellbeing Diary is Designed to Make 2022 the Year of YOU!

After the last couple of years, we all need a little reset. So, now it’s time to look after YOU. The New Year marks a fresh start, and the perfect time to start living your best life. 2022 is your year of wellbeing; and with it comes more mindfulness, happiness and good mental health. 

That’s why we’ve designed a new style of diary to help you take a holistic approach to living your best year yet. 

Getting the most out of your year with a diary doesn’t just mean scheduling important dates and reminders. This diary helps you focus on your wellbeing, parallel to organising your days. Our all-new B5 Wellbeing Diary will give you the inspiration for daily, weekly and monthly commitments so you can make positive changes in your year to ensure you’re living not just the year, but the life of your dreams.   

So, what will I find inside the Wellbeing Diary?

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