Q&A with Shahroo Izadi, The Kindness Method

We have fallen completely in love with Shahroo Izadi’s incredible book The Kindness Method, the perfect tool to help you change unwanted habits and live a more positive life – one where you treat yourself with kindness, compassion and understanding. We took five with Shahroo to find out more about her inspiring story and her wonderful book with a quick Q&A session. Enjoy!

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Note to Self: Put Yourself First with our All-New Self Collection

Imagine a world where you were your own best friend… A world where you treated yourself with kindness and compassion and made time for all the things you love and need. Now let us help you make that dream a reality with our beautiful new Self Collection. Minimalist graphics with a nod to nature and botanical beauty blend seamlessly with simple debossed textures and an earthy colour palette of almond, blush, coral and maple.

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How Will You Spend Your Bonus Day on 29 February?

Who feels like a year, 365 days, goes extremely fast? And who wishes they had more hours or days in their year? The reality is, we all have the same amount of time and it really is up to us to make sure we use it wisely to fit in all the things that are important to us. However, the exciting thing this year is that we do have one whole extra day in February. That’s right – this year is a leap year, so the 29th is one extra day that we won’t see again for another four years!

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Self-care Sunday: Mastering the Staycation with Löwengrip

As busy modern women, the juggle between work-life balance can often feel like a struggle. Whether it’s travelling for work, getting to the gym, taking care of children or attending meetings, by the end of the week we can often feel exhausted. Not to mention keeping up a healthy social life! A life in motion is essential – full of passion, learning, excitement, and new challenges at every turn.

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