7 Simple Ways You Can Start Journaling Your Way Today

As many of us continue to adjust to life at home, creating a new normal and routine for ourselves, and managing our way through challenging times throughout the world, it’s important to keep doing things that make us feel good and help us to look after ourselves, and each other (from a distance of course!). And while there are many activities available to us, something the kikki.K team believes can help us through difficult times is simply putting pen to paper and writing down whatever is on your mind! We’ve been inspired of late by all the journaling our kikki.K community is doing too, so we’re sharing some favourites with you.

Journaling is a technique that can truly enhance your everyday and gives us a special moment to press pause from the outside world, and take a moment to look within and focus on ourselves. While it may seem daunting at first, the great thing about journaling is that you have the freedom to embrace your own creativity and make it an experience for you to explore anything your heart desires! Sounds good but still don’t know where to start? Let us help you feel inspired with some of the different ways you can put pen to paper through journaling.

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Top 10 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Every Moment

As our modern world seems to be filled more and more with commitments, deadlines and increasing levels of stress, we’re here to invite a sense of calm back to your life with our latest Slow Collection. We want to help you create happiness in those seemingly insignificant, yet everyday moments. We want to give you a moment’s rest, so you have the energy to tackle the next thing on the list – whatever that may be!

Imagine embracing a moment of calm amidst all the busyness. It’s time to restore the balance and start chasing slow, rather than being caught out by all the rushing around. This collection is designed to help you do just that. With products to help you create moments of sanctuary and encourage mindfulness and relaxation – in a way that can easily fit into your everyday. Let this new collection bring you a sense of calm and remind you to take it a little slower as we share out Top 10 ways to slow down and enjoy every moment, with our latest Collection.

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Your Journal, Your Way: Journaling Ideas to Help You Put Pen to Paper Every Day

Writing in a journal each day is such a wonderful way to help you check in on your thoughts and feelings. It is a beautiful ritual that has so many benefits for your life and wellbeing. Taking the time to think about the day just gone is a great way to live with more mindfulness and to set your intentions for the future. It  can be so much more than just putting pen to paper. It can be time for reflection, creativity, exploration, experimentation – anything you wish! To get you started, we’re sharing our favourite 20 ways to use your journal. Enjoy!

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Think Positively: Simple Tips for Shifting Your Mindset to Focus on the Good

Life is full of ups and downs, sometimes even times that feel completely upside down and sideways for that matter! Curve balls, tricky situations, unexpected change and sometimes sad and troubling times are unfortunately part of this complex life we live, and while we can’t predict or control them, we can try to control our attitude and our overall outlook. Something we find truly helpful, especially during more challenging times, is taking a moment to shift our mindset to seek out silver linings. Explore some simple tips below to help you focus more on the positives, even during negative times.

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