How to Create a Study Space You’ll Never Want to leave!

Whether you’re working or studying, full-time or part-time, at home or physically in an office, setting up your workspace so it’s a place you truly love to be in is so important. When we’re happy and feel comfortable, we’re so much more productive. And when we’re surrounded by things of beauty and functionality that make our lives not only more pleasant but easier, our creative mind has the space and inspiration it needs to soar!

So, when it comes to setting up the perfect desk space for you, there are some tried and tested tips we swear by at kikki.K, so keep reading to find out more and get a closer look at our gorgeous and meaningful kikki.K x Malala Fund Collection was well!

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Working From Home: Tips, Tricks and Guidelines for a Healthy Work Environment

With so many of us working, studying and connecting from home this year, it’s more important than ever to make sure your space not only suits you, motivates you and inspires you, but that it’s set up safely. By keeping a few key things in mind and making sure you’re plotting out healthy work hours and break times throughout your day, you’ll find you’ll feel so much better and your productivity should follow.

Working from home can certainly blur the line between work and personal life, and it’s important to maintain that boundary as much as you can. It doesn’t take a lot to ensure your work or study spaces (and the way you approach your time in these spaces) are the best they can be for your productivity, health and wellness – and happiness and harmony! But to make things easier, we’ve done our research and put together some handy tips for you – no matter what your situation.

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