Diversify Your Reading List. Black Stories Matter.

As more of the world continues to wake up and stand against the injustices, intolerance, unacceptable treatment and racism suffered by people of colour all over the globe, at kikki.K we continue in our commitment to educate our own team and our community.

As a global brand we know it’s our responsibility to use our platform and voice. We wholeheartedly believe in equality in all its forms and, as we’ve said before, the first step we’re taking is educating ourselves, our diverse team and our kikki.K community. We know there is much more to be done, and more that we can do, and we‘ll have an update for you soon on the next steps we’re taking as a brand in our commitment to positive change.   

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Black Lives Matter.

As a global brand with a truly diverse team whose purpose is to inspire people the world over, as deep supporters of Dr Tererai Trent and thousands of children and teachers in rural Zimbabwe, and as the people we are, we cannot and will not sit in silence. We never have and never will condone any form of racial intolerance or hate – whether on our homeland, or in any other country around the world. We wholeheartedly believe in equality in all of its forms and we empathise with everyone around the world who is hurting right now as a result of racial hate and racial injustice.

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