Stylish Study Solutions For a Perfectly Productive Year

With a fresh year ahead and so many possibilities and opportunities awaiting you, we want to help you to be as prepared and productive as you can be! And lucky for you, our latest Back to School collections are jam-packed full of the perfect solutions to help you study, as well as the ultimate tools for productivity and inspiration. Check out our favourite must-haves and essential stationery items below, and set your self up for your best year yet!


This might seem like a fairly simple solution to helping you kick start your year, but having a place for everything, that’s not just handy, but also stylish will free you up to be productive and organised, no matter where you are. Choose a Laptop Case and Compendium that’s right for you, then coordinate with matching Pencil Case and ensure you’re always ready for whenever inspiration strikes. By having all your important documents, pens, pencil and tech items safe and organised, you’ll save time searching for them and have more time to focus on your studies.


Whether it’s a new year or a new term, this is your chance to truly make it matter. And if you’re looking for the ultimate tool to help you do this, our Planners are perfect. With customisable tabs for you to allocate to subjects, assignments or whatever you wish, monthly and weekly layouts for you to record important dates, assessments, milestones and deadlines, as well as space for you to jot down notes and remind yourself of your goals, a Planner is the ultimate tool to set you up for a productive year. And the best bit? You can take it with you everywhere you go!


As we mentioned earlier, by approaching your year with a clear vision of what you want to achieve, you’re giving youself purpose and setting yourself up for success. Visualising what you want to achieve and why is such a powerful exercise, and our favourite way to do this is to set up our very own Vision Board, so we can not only manifest our dreams and goals, but also be reminded of important dates, stay motivated and be inspired.

When setting up a vision board, add your goals and dreams, Weekly and Monthly Planner Pages and anything else that inspires you to work hard throughout the year. And don’t forget to get creative with it! Your Vision Board is meant to inspire and motivate you each time you see it. So be sure to add little design details that will do just that. From cute cut-outs from our Paper Lover’s Books to inspiring Affirmation Cards, add features that reflect your life and loves.


Make this study year your year with this gorgeous 2020 A5 Study Diary. Complete with monthly and weekly diary planning layouts, space for your timetable, subject information, assessments and exams as well as plenty of advice and tips for looking after yourself throughout the year! Embrace a year of possibilities and stay organised and on tops of all your study commitments with this beautiful dairy.


Embrace a clear plan for your weekly and monthly studies with our super-functional Spiral Study Planner. Featuring monthly and weekly planning pages, note pages as well as super helpful study tips, you’ll be able to keep track of upcoming deadlines as well as learn how to make the most out of your hours spent studying. When filling out your dates and scheduling your time, be sure to schedule in a little fun and self-care time as well. After all, you’ll be so much more productive when you’re allowing yourself a little space to pause and breathe.


And last, but certainly not least, the two most essential tools for a productive school year would have to be Notebooks and Pens. After all, how can you remember your lesson if you don’t make notes? Give yourself the tools for success by having a notebook per subject, and make sure you love the designs as well. By choosing notepads and pens that inspire you and make your life easier, you’ll be so much more inclined to work hard throughout the year. Perhaps you prefer A5 to A4 size notebooks? Or maybe you’d like a Notebook with tab dividers? Do you prefer Ballpoint Pens to Everyday Gel Pens? Or maybe you’re a lover of Highlighters as well? Make sure you choose styles that work for you, and enjoy putting pen to paper as you learn throughout the year.

Set yourself up for a stellar year with our entire Back to School Collection, available online and instore now.

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