Stylish Christmas Wrapping: The Minimal Way

This Christmas embrace minimalist wrapping that says it all in beautifully fresh hues of white and gold. Understated and stylish, celebrate loved ones with a little special shine. Here’s how…



Take your double-sided Wrapping Paper, choose your favourite side and cut to length. Wrap your gift and use the beautiful gold stickers from the DIY Sticker Book to hold the wrap in place.


Wrap your Gold Twist String around your gift three to five times so that you have a cluster of gold string in the centre of your gift. Tie it off in a tiny bow and move this to the back of the gift to ensure it’s hidden.


Finish with a beautiful DIY Paper Snowflake Bauble. Follow the directions to assemble, then tie to the gold string. Once they’ve unwrapped the gorgeous gift they can pop the paper ornament straight onto their Christmas tree.

TIP: Don’t forget a card! Stylish cards can become a unique gift wrapping feature. The Square Greeting Card 10pk features fun and stylish printed sayings perfect for making a bold statement on simple wrapping.

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Minimal Wrapping

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