Stylish Christmas Wrapping: The Cute Way

Unleash your creativity and transform gift wrapping into something special with super cute illustrations of snowmen and crafty details. Follow these simple steps to create your own.




Cut your double-sided Wrapping Paper to length to fit your gift. Wrap your gift with the snowman pattern facing out and finish with Printed Paper Tape. We love the ‘no peeking’ paper tape for it’s cute details.


Create a fun paper bow by cutting two lengths of Wrapping Paper, one slightly larger than the other. Take the larger piece of paper and fold each end in to meet in the middle. Repeat with the small piece. These are your ‘bow’ shapes. Stick the smaller bow on top of the larger bow, then cut a thin rectangular strip of paper and wrap this around the centre of the two bows to hold them together (as seen in the photo). Stick your paper bow to your gift!


Adding beautiful Christmas ornaments to gifts transforms gift wrapping into something truly special. Attach the Ceramic Snowman Ornament to the bow for the perfect finishing touch. The gift recipient will love hanging it on their Christmas Tree.

TIP: Get creative and think of fun ways to add DIY elements to your gift. Details such as paper bows, paper cutouts, stamps and stickers can add bursts of festive love in style. You can find more DIY projects and wrapping ideas on the blog here.

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