Study in Style with your Planner

A fresh new planner is perfect for welcoming a fresh new start. The simple act of putting pen to paper – the tactile nature of it and the connection to the childhood joy of stationery – can bring so much fun to our days. There is something special about the feeling it evokes that simply can’t be replicated by digital organisation tools.

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce our new Escape the Ordinary Planner and Study in Style Collection. Together, they’re perfect for helping you make this school year your best yet. Be inspired to create your personalised study tool with these tips and ideas!

You’ll need…

Escape the Ordinary Planner
Planner Study Diary Refill
A5 Study Notes Pad
Adhesive Notes
Stationery Kit
A4 Weekly Planner Pad
Wooden Pegs
B5 Printed Notepad
Inspiration Kit

1) Add your Subject Timetable – using the A4 Weekly Planner Pad, cutting out each day and sticking to the front tab of your planner.

2) Manage your calendar – making sure that all exams, assignment due dates and class trips are clearly marked.

3) Keep a to do list – using our Study Notes Pad and a DIY page marker. Then update each day with all of your tasks and priorities.

Study in style with these organisation tips

 4. Add tabs for subject, reading lists and more – Use our Study Diary Refill to assign a section of your planner to each area of study.

Study in style with these organisation tips

5. Add a little inspiration – use the divider tabs for each section to inspire yourself each day. We created a cute DIY envelope using our Printed Notepad and then added a quote from our Inspiration Kit inside.

Discover our Study in Style Collection here.

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