Something Guld is Back in Stock – It’s time to Slow Down and Enjoy our Pause Guld Collection!

With everything going on in our lives and around the world, in this increasingly challenging year, we’re reminded again of the importance of slowing down and taking a mindful pause to reflect, rest and regroup.

And what better way to Embrace the Slow than by reintroducing one of kikki.K’s all-time favourite collections? That’s right, we listened to your requests and we’ve revisited kikki.K’s vault of timeless classics to restock a selection of gorgeous products from our much-loved Pause Guld Collection.

If this is your first time seeing this stunning selection of goodies, let us introduce you. And if you’re a kikki.K lover from way back, we hope you enjoy being reunited with these timeless designs….

Pause Guld

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with digital distractions while juggling busy schedules and never ending to do lists. Taking just a few moments each day to stop, breathe and re-focus can have such a huge effect on our overall wellbeing and this Pause Guld Collection is designed to help you do just that, in beautiful Swedish style – with a touch of bling!

Featuring bold typography and subtle patterns in a sophisticated colour palette of white, subtle pink and pops of guld* (Swedish for gold), it’s the perfect visual reminder to help you slow down, reset, enjoy each moment and welcome more mindfulness into our days.



The beautifully designed Daily Notes Pad and To Do List Pad in this collection are perfect for encouraging you to get really clear on your priorities for the day or week ahead. But remember, as important as it is to remind yourself of work and study tasks, it’s also important to prioritise your goals, wellbeing and make time for the things you love – more so than ever!

We believe that stopping for a moment to take a mindful pause can do so much to improve every area of our lives. From helping to live in the present to reducing stress and being thankful for what we have, there are so many benefits that come from simply slowing down. Be inspired to reflect, explore and be mindfully present each day as you put pen to paper in the inspiring A5 Feature Journal in this collection. Featuring inspiring quotes and finished with a beautiful gold painted page edge, it’s the perfect place to escape and explore your thoughts, dreams and ideas.


Another Journal that is just perfect for taking a moment to pause and reflect is the beautiful hardcover 365 Journal with gold foil detailing. Featuring numbered pages from 1 to 365, you can write a journal entry, memory, thought or stick in a photo every day for a year and create a wonderful keepsake to cherish forever.


You deserve to live each day with happiness, balance and a sense of wellbeing, so be inspired to start making small changes today that can help you build a better tomorrow with the stunning, leather Pause Guld Medium Personal Planner. With a perpetual calendar and tabs you can customise to suit your life, this gorgeous planner is a great tool to help you get organised. Let it inspire you to approach each day with a sense of purpose, productivity and wellbeing


Something the team at kikki.K have re-embraced in 2020 is the art of letter writing. And this collection features the most beautiful Letter Writing Set to help you do the same. Connect with loved ones both near and far by putting pen to paper and writing to them. Share your feelings, tell stories and do it in Swedish style.

For many of us, spending more time at home home has given us the opportunity to slow down, but it’s important that we take that opportunity and enjoy it. We hope this revival of one of our favourite kikki.K Collections can help you pause, reflect and enjoy the moments that come your way. Featuring Notebooks, Leather items, Adhesive Notes, Notepad Cubes, Pens and more, be sure to check out the full Pause Guld Collection for yourself.

And no matter what is happening in your world, remember to try and slow down where you can, and not just slow down, but really Embrace the Slow.

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