Simple Tips for Self-Care, Self-Love and Making Yourself a Priority!

This Singles’ Day, why not celebrate by doing something we should all do a little more often – make it all about you! And by that, we mean it’s time to start making time for yourself, give yourself some love and make yourself a priority.

Self-care and self-love are fairly popular terms that are thrown around a lot these days, and while they may seem like a fad or a phase, they really are vital practices we should all be aware of and make time for in order to live our best lives. To help you, we’ve curated a few simple self-care tips you can start today!


Self-care really is as simple as making small changes to your day, loving and accepting yourself, and remembering to slow down and make time for the things you love. Whether that be sitting down to eat a healthy meal, practising mindfulness, yoga or meditation, running a hot bath, reading a book, walking around the block or quite literally sitting still for five minutes. By embracing more self-care, no matter how simple, you’re choosing to make your health and wellbeing your top priority.


Just like an important meeting, a doctor’s appointment or a dinner date, remember to schedule in some ‘me time’ into your days. Decide what works for you and be sure to block out time in your diary or calendar, mark it in your planner or to do list, set a reminder on your phone or place an adhesive note somewhere you’ll be reminded daily. And do it!

Here are some of our favourite ‘me time’ activities that double as self-care – if you make the time for them!


The way we speak to ourselves plays a huge role in our overall happiness and wellbeing. Many of us would never dream of speaking to others in the same negative way we do to ourselves. Start loving yourself more. Forgive yourself, celebrate your achievements, be grateful for everything you have and are, be proud. Make an effort to stop being so hard on yourself, try treating yourself just as you would treat someone you love and see how much better you feel.


Take a moment and think of all the things you love to do. What things do you currently do that make you feel good? What do you currently do to look after yourself? Write down all the things that make you feel happy. Then, make a plan to do more of these things and feel the joy that comes from embracing more of the things you love.


Something many of us struggle with is saying ‘no’. It’s not easy and we may often feel that by doing so we’re letting someone down or missing out on an opportunity. But it’s important to give yourself permission to say ‘no’.  Know your limits. By protecting your time and learning to say ‘no’ to some things, you’re allowing yourself to say ‘yes’ to things you truly value and love spending time on. And, you’re practising self-love and self-care along the way.

So, take a moment this Singles’ Day to kick-start your self-care practice so you can begin prioritising yourself and start living a happier, healthier life. And remember, it’s not selfish to schedule in ‘me time’ – it’s vital to living a life you love.

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