Showing Our Pride, and What Love Means to Us…

As World Pride Month draws to a close, we’ve been reminiscing the momentous events of late 2017 and early 2018, when Australia’s LGBTQI+ community were finally given the legal right to marry.

As our social feeds this month were coloured by rainbows celebrating pride, love and equality (as well as rainbows shared as symbols of love and care in windows all over the world as we manage or way through a global pandemic), our guests and team members reminded us of the joy, positivity and support we took to the world stage with kikki.K’s LGBTQI+ diversity and inclusion campaign of January 2018, More Love.

Image: @claire__pearsonIt’s probably one of our favourite campaigns and product collections in our history because it gave us the opportunity to share something we’ve always wholeheartedly believed in – the equality of all human beings – in a truly meaningful, loud and globally-transcending way.

We were proud to join hundreds of other businesses in campaigning for marriage equality in Australia, writing and signing an open letter of support which you can see here. We used our platform in subsequent months to educate our community and share that we as a brand supported the ‘YES’ vote to pass the bill.

Image: @claire__pearson

By chance, our More Love campaign launched shortly after the Australian Same-Sex Marriage bill was passed – a momentous event in December 2017.

Because of that, our More Love campaign and product collection launch gave us the opportunity to celebrate, but also continue to raise awareness and funds for the continued injustices and inequalities the LGBTQI+ community still face right around the world.

We were honoured to partner with and raise funds for Amnesty International Australia to help them carry out life-changing human rights work, particularly in the LGBTQI+ space.

Image: @richmond_3121

Something we’ve been reminded of over the past few months is the importance of love – sharing it, giving it, feeling it and spreading it. During our More Love campaign, we launched a short video which sums up love in all its various and beautiful forms, and we encourage you to watch it again below.

And if you’re wondering ‘where are the stars of this video now?’ we can tell you their love is as strong as ever.

  • Pasindu and Avishka happily solidified their love in marriage soon after this video.
  • Shannon and Mark were also married in May 2019 (not before adding to their family with another dachshund though!)
  • Chrissie and Dee have started a family of their own, becoming Mums to a baby girl a year on.
  • Jen and Jonas are still very close as mother and son, and still very fond of tickles and cuddles.
  • Maddy and Kate still share a lovely bond, which stood a true test recently being ‘locked down’ in isolation amidst the global pandemic.

And in case you missed it, we also had a lot of fun creating an incredible mural celebrating love, which you can also have a peek at it below.

The world needs love as much as ever right now, and just as we did then with our More Love campaign, and continue to do today, we invite and encourage kikki.K lovers everywhere to join us as we embrace more love, every day.

Image: @moofta

Join us as we say no to hate and yes to love in all its forms. No matter how you love. No matter who you love. Love is love and we want the world to celebrate each day with more equality, more hope, more humanity, more kindness more pride, more acceptance and more love. Will you join us?

#showmorelove #kikkiklove


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