Shannah Kennedy’s 5 Steps to Setting your Life Plan

We’re so excited by the release of the special limited edition kikki.K edition of Shannah Kennedy’s The Life Plan, we caught up with this inspiring life coach to find out her 5 top tips for living your best life, everyday. Here’s what she had to say…

1 Set a daily morning habit routine

 How you wake up in the morning determines the rest of your day.  So be clear about how you want to start it so the day is great, abundant and happy.  Our mind is like a muscle so we need to train it well.  My morning routine is… before I even get out of bed, I state my intention for the day, take 3 breathes and be grateful for what I have. Then I get up and move my body every morning and tell myself that it is a great day!  If we wake up and tell ourselves we are tired and stressed and can’t be bothered, our day will follow suit.

2 Set essential goals

 Many set way too many goals.  So lets become essentialists and minimise that list but focus on what really matters and what will help us to grow and evolve.  It is better to have one thing that you really commit to for the year, that is life changing and enhancing, than 5 things that you are not really emotionally connected to.  So pick things that really have an impact, or a skill you really want to master. I spend a whole year learning how to breathe and meditate and it has changed my life, my health, my happiness and my career results.

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3 Own your self and your time

 Life can sometimes feel like a treadmill and many don’t know how to control this, slow it down or get off it.  To thrive in life you need to be a master of time. We have 72 blocks of 20 minutes in our day to use, so use it wisely and really plan it.  I spend a lot of time planning my day, my week, my month and my year to really suit me, inspire me, support me and allow me to thrive.  It doesn’t just happen. I use a paper diary so I am in control, I can be creative, I can write it all down and tick it all off giving me a sense of achievement in life.

 4 Breathe and be mindful

 This is the skill that I really think can change your life for the better.  This is about slowing down our mind, resetting our hormones and giving us many a shot of dopamine during the day.  Breathing deeply is a skill to learn, and mindfulness is about getting in touch with the senses, sight, sounds, touch, taste and smell.  Living in the moment a bit and acknowledging yourself and what is in front of you gives life a richness like no other.

 5 Master your mind and self talk

 The brain is a muscle and has 60-80K thoughts per day running through it so be careful how you use it.  During the day I have reminders set on my phone to remind me of my own values; words that keep me motivated, words that make me responsible for my life and quotes that I truly connect with.  Training the mind to work for you doesn’t take much at all, but it does takes a little planning to keep it on track.

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