Say Why Not? with Kristina

The expression ‘Why not’ is something I use all the time. Why not shake things up and try something new? Often we become stuck in autopilot, doing the same habits and routines without even realising. It’s not until you ask yourself ‘WHY NOT?’ do something new that you can open your mind to different ways of doing things. And that’s often the first step to achieving your dreams.

The new Why Not? collection is about celebrating a new and different outlook on life. Sometimes it’s about small things like trying a fun new craft project but also it can be as big as you want it to be. Why not start your own business doing something you love? Why not make that incredible oversees trip you’ve been imagining for years? When you let go of the doubts and say yes to life, there’s so much to smile about.

Here are some of my favourites to get you started. Let us know which ones you’ll be trying this year on social media or through the comments below.


– Change something in your life that’s not working

– Travel to a new country you have never seen

– Quit sugar and see how you feel

– Live in a new city for a while

– Take up an unusual hobby or sport

– Open your notebook and start a novel

– Do all the things you’ve been too scared to do

– Stay in and read a book in the bath

– Have fun all the time

Discover the Why Not? Collection here.

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