Q&A with Sleep Expert Nick Littlehales

In our busy, super connected world, we need a new approach to sleep. One that helps us cope with our ever more demanding days and lets us be our personal best. Nick Littlehales has revolutionised the way we think about sleep with his Sleep Book. Using groundbreaking practical techniques – from recognising your personal sleep characteristics and cycles, to posture and bedding – Nick takes us on a journey to a better night’s sleep.

To find out more about this inspiring book, we caught up with Nick…

What first led you to be interested in sleep and the effect it has on our lives
I worked at Slumberland and helped set up the first UK Sleep Council and then I decided to contact Manchester United Football Club to teach them an improved recovery sleep approach and soon became their leading sleep performance coach. The rest is history.


How can getting a better night’s sleep change our daily lives for the better?
We need to understand that the perfect night’s sleep is not achievable and that sleeping in one nocturnal block of 8 hours is unnatural and often impossible. If we see the day as a period of mental and physical recovery times then you will feel much more empowered – and less tired!

What’s one small change everyone can make to their bedroom that will have a huge impact on their sleep?
The idea that as humans we are not designed to sleep in the same bed. We all need time to recover in bed and have our own sleep space.

Can you tell us a little about your bed-time/ sleep routine?
Counter-intuitively, my bedtime routine starts as soon as I wake up. I see the hours in the day as ninety minute cycles. There’s no point focusing just on the hour before bedtime.

What stationery item can you not live without?
I love pens and always have one to hand to sign my book when people ask. I also use a lot of notepads when I am re-defining a client’s approach to a new way of sleeping!

Feeling inspired? Get Nick’s book here.

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