Q&A with Lauren Bullen

We love finding out how our favourite inspiring people got started on living their dreams, as well as how they stay mindful and happy each day. That’s why we’re so excited to present our interview with Gypsea Lust’s Lauren Bullen. This gorgeous travel blogger frequently gives us wanderlust with her stunning Instagram posts so we couldn’t wait to find out more about her…

What inspired you to start your blog & how did you get started?

Initially my twin sister @elsas_wholesomelife inspired me to start a blog / Instagram account. Her theme was food and lifestyle and as I was mainly travelling across the world and exploring different parts of Australia, I decided to focus on travel. I moved up to Cairns in North Queensland after travelling for over 6 months across North America and Asia. Every weekend and between my 9-5 was spent exploring this region and working on building my Instagram account. The local tourism board was the first company to contact me for an influencing travel opportunity.

Gypsea Lust

How important is it to you to stop and just live in the moment?

I’ve always believed that it is important to have a balanced life and take the time amongst all the busy-ness to just stop and enjoy those moments, we are blessed with so many incredible opportunities, and of course sometimes it can be hard to live in that moment without the cameras and phones. But I guess what we do is what we love, so being able to capture these moments and share it with our following is all part of living in the moment and what makes us happy.

What little activities do you try to incorporate into your day to encourage mindfulness and positivity?

I try to go to the gym most days, and I really find it a healthy and positive release, which brings me focus and allows me to take a break. It’s only an hour or so from my day but I believe it really helps keeping me focused and motivated.

Travelling so continually you loose sight of the simple things, for me that’s cooking a meal. I love to get in the kitchen, turn the music up and whip together something yummy, whether it’s a smoothie or a stir fry!


What do you love most about being able to travel the globe?

What is there not to love about being able to travel the globe – the experiences of foreign countries, the food, the people and of course the incredible natural wonders that earth gave us?

What stationery item can’t you live without?            

My notepad and pen. I know its so old school to still make lists and notes on paper, but I guess I’m more of a visual person, that if I write it down and cross off the list I feel more satisfied. I always have a pen on me. I have a silly amount of pens lying around the house and can never have enough!

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All photos from gypsealust.com.

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