Q&A with Illustrator Charlie Dot

Mums to do much to inspire and motivate their kids. To celebrate our Dear Mum collection in time for Mother’s Day, we’re interviewing some of our favourite creatives to find out how their mothers inspire them . First up, we’re talking to talented Dutch illustrator Charlie Dot to find out all about her gorgeous mum and the best advice she shared.

How would you describe your drawing style?

I would describe my drawing style as strong and feminine. My illustrations are hand-drawn, always with the same pencil and for colour I hand-make the ink drops. I love sitting and drawing for hours on one illustration before I scan it and turn it into a digital illustration.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I am working on fashion illustrations and graphic design for different magazines all over the world. I’m also co-owner of the Dutch website Shotofjoy.nl, which I do all the illustrations for. Shot of Joy is basically like your cool best friend, we try to share little tricks, secrets and surprises on beauty, fashion, food, travel and lifestyle.

Can you remember when you first took an interest in drawing?

Very early on, I loved drawing. I think it’s because my mom and dad are both really creative.
But during my time at the Art Academy I found my way back to pencil drawing. I remembered back to my time in school during classes I found to be boring I would always be sketching and scribbling. So that’s how the illustrations I make now came to life.

Can you tell us a little about your mum? What creative traits did you inherit from her?

My mum is a creative woman. She knows me better than anyone else. She is very loyal and always there for everybody and especially for me.  That’s something I aspire to. She helps me out with all my crazy ideas. Even when we are shopping and some item is not to my liking I always think my mom can fix it!

I think most of all I learned from her that it was possible to go down this creative route as a career. I think I got a lot of my creativity from her. The painting and the drawing and feeling for colour, I think that all came from her.

How does your mum inspire you?

I would describe my mum as the cool mom. She knows what she wants and always made me see that you can achieve what you want in life and nothing is impossible. Work hard and dare to do it. She and my dad always give me the feeling that they’re behind my decisions. I feel like having a strong female role model like my mom shaped me to who I am today.

What’s the best piece of advice she’s ever given you?

That even though it’s not always the easy path, there is always a way. I think that her showing me that I could to it one way or another was the best eye-opener. Her best advice is to believe in who you are. And it’s persistence that accomplishes something.

What are you giving your mum this Mother’s Day?

There are so many cool things from kikki.K my mum would love. I’m checking out the Svenska Hem collection including the Set of Bowls and Scented Candle because she loves all things for the home.

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