Q&A with Graceline Art

We’ve been so inspired by seeing so many of you share the letter writing love and joining our #LettersAreBetter movement. To inspire you to fall back in love with the art of letter writing even more, we caught up with Jenny Sanders who owns the boutique design studio Graceline Art.


 What you do & how did you get started?

I own Graceline, an art and design studio specialising in fine art custom wedding stationery and branding.  I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband, and baby daughter.

I would daydream about creating pretty paper but was too frightened to take the leap to make it happen. It was only after getting laid off from my corporate accounting job, I went to work with Design House of Moira for a few years before venturing out on my own.  She is amazing and taught me so much and is still a friend and mentor to this day! I have now been in the wedding industry for about five years.

Why do you love pen & paper?

Personally, I love the feel of the pen on the paper and the ritual of writing things down. When someone has taken the time to select special stationery, get out a pen, sit down and write you a letter or a card, you really feel special, especially in our digital world.


What benefits do you think come from writing a letter?

I think that taking the time to write a note or a letter makes you slow down a bit in the midst of a busy day.  It also causes you to pause and reflect upon the person to whom the letter is being sent and your feelings about them and the relationship rather than just rushing about or sending a quick text.  It really puts you in the moment and allows you to be present.

If you could receive a letter from anyone, who would it be?

That is a tough question! I think that I would have to say my grandmother.  She passed away before my daughter – who has my grandmother’s name as her middle name – was born.  I wish that she could know that and to share in my daughter’s life.  She always had such beautiful penmanship as well so not only would it be an emotional treasure, but a beautiful one as well!

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