Plan your Wedding with Liv Purvis

When it comes to getting wedding planning advice, there is no one better than someone who is currently planning their own wedding! That’s why we asked the lovely and inspiring Liv Purvis to share some of her wedding planning tips using our newest Always & Forever Collection. Check our Liv’s YouTube channel to see her video.

What is your number one tip for planning a meaningful and beautiful day?
Just to make sure you’re doing it your way. Try not to be too governed by trends or expectations, but be guided by the things that truly make you and your partner happy- whether that’s just being together, or having a huge party- make sure you’re doing it the way you want to.

Which kikki.K product has helped you the most?
I absolutely love the Wedding Notes book. Although there are so many amazing pieces that you could easily forget to pick up, it’s the notes book that won me over- it’s a perfect size and covers all ground- as well as having a handy tick list to help you see how you’re getting on, which is so rewarding.


How have you split the planning with your fiance?
Yes! I don’t think it would feel right if one of us had more responsibility than the other, but naturally there are things we both prefer about the planning process so I’m happy to take lead with the things he’d rather step back on- and vice versa.

Are there any techniques that have helped you make the planning process fun and stress-free?
Creating mood boards, talking with my best friends and making sure we’re both communicating with one another- it’s a lot harder to plan something if you’re keeping things to yourself!

What’s one thing you wish you had known when you started planning your big day?
To enjoy it- it will fly be so quickly, and I truly think the build up is all part of the magical experience.

What element of your big day are you most looking forward to seeing come to life?
Just seeing all of our family and friends come together and (hopefully) have a good time! Selfishly I’m looking forward to all of it really, but dancing into the evening (pizza or no pizza) is definitely something I can’t wait for.

Feeling inspired? Discover the pieces Liv used here.

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