#3: Ella Mills – Passion, Positivity & Purpose with Deliciously Ella – Your Dream Life Podcast

In this amazing episode, Kristina speaks with the truly inspirational Ella Mills – founder and brand director of Deliciously Ella – the leading plant-based food company, and health and lifestyle brand helping people all over the world to make healthy changes to their eating habits. Ella’s story is the perfect example of how we can take control of our lives and let our passions and values guide us in creating a life we love – our Dream Life.

Her first book Deliciously Ella was the fastest selling debut cookbook in the UK and is now translated into over 20 languages. And her brand-new podcast, Deliciously Ella is now also taking the world by storm.

Together with her husband Matt Mills, Ella has grown her passion from a personal recipe blog – which she began in 2012 – to the world leading lifestyle brand it is today.

In this episode you will discover…

  • How a serious illness and very low point in Ella’s life led her to take control and really steer her life in a more positive direction
  • How this shift in focus led to her discovering a whole new passion and purpose in life, eventually leading to her living her dream life with her husband, Matt
  • How being honest with yourself about what you want to do, what you’re truly passionate about and really want out of life, can help you to work towards your own dream life.
  • The importance of community and how sharing her experience and journey with others led to truly positive outcomes, both for Ella and others
  • How important it is to find a way to bring a ‘glass half full’ attitude to any situation, and the importance of finding the positive in any situation, even when faced with the toughest of challenges.
  • How focusing on your strengths and surrounding yourself with people who can support and help you can open up a world of endless possibilities.
  • How you can create a life you love and follow your dreams if you stay strong and true to your beliefs, letting your values guide you in all you that you do.


Struck down in her 20s with a debilitating illness that left her in hospital for four months, Ella sank into what she refers to as ‘an incredibly unhappy place,’ taking lots of medication that wasn’t working, before realising that she needed to help herself as much as she could.

After deciding to take things into her own hands, she went in search of a healthier way of life, eventually creating a personal blog to document her new plant-based lifestyle journey. While the blog was initially a way for her to fill her time, Ella soon developed a true passion for what she was doing and began to share her blog with friends and families. Before long she had built an audience and her blog has now had over 130 million hits!

Through sharing her journey, Ella – together with her husband Matt – has been able to grow her community and following beyond anything she had ever imagined. Ella now inspires millions to make positive, healthy changes to the way they eat through her social media channels, best-selling books, the Deliciously Ella app, blog, podcast as well healthy products stocked in around 6,000 stores across the UK.

One of the most inspiring elements of Ella’s story is her ability to always find the silver lining, no matter how dark the cloud, or how tough the situation may be.

Empowered by taking control of her life and following a true passion, Ella discovered that being honest with yourself is one of the most important things you can do in order to take charge and begin creating a life you love.

“You are going to find her story so inspiring … with deep insights into turning positives into negatives, living life guided by your values, the power of following your passion and very interestingly, how sharing your journey with others can have the most unexpected benefits.” Kristina Karlsson


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