Paper Crafting Perfection! DIY Fun and Q&A with Brittany McCowan

If you’ve started back at school, study or work and are looking for a little creative outlet (which we highly encourage) to balance all your work and screen time, YouTube creative Brittany McCowan has some wonderful paper crafting tips for us all. Remember, all work and no (creative) play isn’t the way!

We love how Brittany has used some of our ever-inspiring kikki.K x Malala Fund collaboration product collection to showcase the all fun you can have getting creative after a long day. As well as our fun Q&A, be sure to check out her beautiful video on how to create your own paper craft snail mail below!



All from our gorgeous kikki.K x Malala Fund collaboration

What is your favourite way to get creative after a long day?

My favourite way to get creative after a long day is collage journaling. I sit down in my lounge room and put on a TV series that I have watched many times (usually Friends) and I start cutting and sticking down images from magazines into a journal. Its surprisingly satisfying and a mindful activity to finish your day. You can create a collage about your current mood, week or day. I also like to do this activity listening to a podcast.

How would you describe your creative style?

I would describe my creative style as eclectic. I love kawaii/Japanese stationery products as well as beautiful nature and botanical prints. I am always searching for unique stationery items to add to my collection.

How did you discover your love for Paper Crafting?

My sister and I started scrapbooking when we were thirteen and fourteen years old. Because we did not have iPhones back then we would take photos on the family camera and print them out. The best way of displaying all our photos were on our bedroom walls and in scrapbooks. This is when I started paper crafting and appreciating beautifully patterned paper.

What tips do you have for students looking to get creative with paper and stationery, and ditch the screen after class?

My two favourite paper crafts are journaling and pen palling.

Journaling is a great creative outlet to incorporate into your afternoon routine because there are so many ways to journal. You could write about your day, draw pictures of your week, bullet journal your goals, create mood boards, collage pictures of your friends or stick down samples of your favourite stickers and decorative/Washi tape.

Pen palling is also a fun activity especially through lockdown because you can write letters to people across the globe without leaving your house. When I was in high school the first thing I would do after school was check the mailbox. I was very excited when I received a letter back from my friend who moved away from my home town. Even though we could have called each other it was novel to write a letter because so many things were becoming digital (and if someone made a phone call the dial-up internet would cut out. I have three older sisters, so it was best to stay off the phone).

What are your go-to stationery items for expressing your creativity?

My go-to stationery item is decorative washi tape. I use  tapes in nearly every paper craft project because they are easy to craft with and come in nearly any design you want. I currently own over 100 different designs. I am a bit of a stationery addict.

Do you have any tips for someone who may be unsure about where to start when it comes to paper craft?

If paper craft is something you are interested in, start by experimenting with different creative projects. There are heaps of projects you can create with paper. You might like to experiment with origami, paper mache, collage, scrapbooking, pen palling, homemade tags, junk journals or you could even make your own homemade paper. There are thousands of YouTube tutorials online to teach you how to get started.

How important is creativity to you?

When people ask me to describe myself, the first adjective I use is ‘creative.’ I feel unsettled and restless if I go a few days without creating something. Being creative does not mean being amazing at painting or drawing. It is simply doing something that uses the right side of the brain. Creating is about problem solving, experimenting, transforming and learning new skills. Creating helps my mental health and keeps me motivated.

Where do you find your inspiration?

In my craft room I surround myself with items and artwork that inspire creativity. I have handmade felt mushrooms, tiny mailboxes, bunting, plants and postcards from around the world which I have hung on my walls. Every time I walk past my craft desk I am inspired to sit down and create. I also find inspiration from Frankie magazines, Pinterest, other YouTubers and nature.

Do you have any tips for balancing your own screen time/digital time?

I have the screen time tracker on my phone to show me how many hours I am wasting on social media. Seeing these confronting analytics led me to stop using TikTok because I realised that I lost too many hours in a day this way. I also don’t use my phone at dinner and I try not to use it on holidays or when visiting with friends or family. When I’m with other people, I try to be present rather than recording. It can be difficult sometimes but it’s nice when the other person does the same.

We know you love writing letters and creating penpal kits. Do you have any tips for anyone who would like to rediscover the art of letter writing?

The most important tip I can give is to build a relationship with the other person. Make sure you reply to their questions and ask some in return. Letter writing is a back-and-forth exchange where you slowly build an image of the other person’s life.

As part of our partnership with Malala Fund,  and to help raise awareness for girls’ education around the world, we’re encouraging everyone who has had the opportunity to go to school to embrace the opportunity of their education. With this is mind, we’d love to know, how has having an education helped you?

Education has given me the basic tools to choose how I want to live my life. I have options and opportunities that somebody without an education unfortunately might not get or find extremely difficult. I am very grateful for my education and am inspired by the work the Malala Fund is doing for girls’ education.

We’d love you to finish this sentence: I’m grateful for my education because…

I’m grateful for my education because… I had the opportunity to attend university and decide what career path I wanted to take.


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