Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement in 2022, freshen things up for a new year or stylishly glide into the next 12 months, we’ve got the Diaries, Calendars, Journals, Notebooks and stationery solutions to not only help you, but empower you this year! Check out our guide to starting your year with this season’s colours below, and get ready to embrace every opportunity that comes your way.


Let the Little Moments Bring You the Biggest Joy with our Latest Collection

Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, the good, the great and all sorts of events and milestones, but where the real beauty lies is in the little moments, the seemingly ordinary times that make up each day – the ones we often take for granted. Let our latest collection remind you to slow down and enjoy these Little Moments, whatever they may be, through the beautiful hand-illustrated graphics, sweet quotes and sayings in a super-sweet colour scheme.

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How to use your 2022 Family Calendar: The Ultimate Tool for Organising Your Busy Household.

If there’s one thing we’re serious about at kikki.K, it’s helping you and your loved ones live your best life, every single day. We know life can get full and even a little chaotic sometimes, especially with multiple household members juggling multiple bookings, events, deadlines and more. Which is why we bring you our much-loved Family Wall Calendars each year, to help you stay on top of all the competing events in your calendar.

Here are our top tips on how to use our 2022 Family Calendar to help you all stay on track – and remember, it’s also perfect for dividing up your own life into different categories on one handy view. So, even if you don’t use it as a Family Calendar, it’s perfect for helping you stay organised in beautiful kikki.K style. 

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How to Wrap Every Little Thing in Style

Whether you’re planning on turning your living room into a wrapping station the North Pole would envy or are more of a pull-it-all-together-last-minute kind of gift wrapper, we believe wrapping and trimming every gift should be meaningful and creative, adding a touch of personal, creative flair. So, take a little moment now to indulge in some wrap-spiration right here, and turn any gift-giving moment into something that’s a little more than just special – something truly meaningful – this Christmas.

From wrapping a little something to leave on a colleague’s desk to bigger-ticket items to show a loved one how much they’ve meant to you this year, here are our top tips for wrapping every little thing in style this year – using our gorgeous new Christmas Collection to help you celebrate every little thing.

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