Lucy Feagins: Taking the Leap to Create Your Own Path with the Mind Behind The Design Files – Your Dream Life Podcast Episode 8

Join Kristina as she speaks with the delightful and incredibly inspiring Lucy Feagins – stylist, writer, editor and super-passionate creative mind behind The Design Files, Australia’s most popular design blog and a true one-stop design and inspiration hub. Lucy is a wonderful example of how making the decision to pursue something you’re passionate about can lead you down a true path of success, even if it’s a completely different direction to what you had imagined for yourself.

Lucy started The Design Files blog in 2008, before the world had even thought about the likes of Instagram or Pinterest. What began as a fairly low-key passion project for Lucy after she finished university – working her way through a freelance career in set design in the film Industry – has now become the ultimate design, trend and inspiration resource for us all.

Despite always imagining she would pursue a career in film, it wasn’t long before the little blog that she had been chipping away at on the side became her main focus, and The Design Files grew to become her true passion and purpose.

A mother of a busy toddler, a wife and the founder of a hugely successful business, Lucy reminds us how no matter how successful we become, we always need to take the time to set goals, plan and think about the next step when working on our dreams.

In this wonderfully refreshing episode, you’ll discover…

  • How, by jumping out of your comfort zone, choosing your own path and following your passions, you can open up a world of opportunity and success
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with people who can mentor you and help you to achieve your dreams
  • How writing down your goals and dreams and setting a clear plan of action is vital to achieving what you want

And so much more!



As the much-loved and recognised Editor of hugely popular The Design Files,  Lucy Feagins has grown her blog from a personal creative outlet, which she began back in 2008, into an incredible business which now boasts a highly engaged community of readers and social media followers.

With a passion for original content, high quality photography and videography, The Design Files and its team of eight staff today, pride itself on sharing wonderful stories, documenting beautiful spaces, and keeping readers informed about creative happenings Australia wide.

But before this, and well before the incredible phenomenon of The Design Files began, before Lucy even considered a career in publishing, she was a little girl who loved all things creative. Often organising her little group of friends to create fun magazines using her mother’s photocopier, it seems only fitting that Lucy would end up working in the creative industries.

After completing a Bachelor of Creative Arts at Melbourne University, Lucy entered into the hard-working and incredibly competitive world of film and television set design, interning for free and battling the freelance contract world to pursue her career goals. However tough this field had been, it was here that Lucy learnt first-hand many of the skills needed to succeed in business today, making it an incredibly invaluable training ground for her.

After seven years, Lucy began to feel a tad disillusioned and felt that the opportunities to progress in film were becoming few and far between. This was around the same time she’d started to work on a little personal blog in her spare time. This blog grew into a true passion point for Lucy and ever so gradually it began to take over her film career. Eventually, after declining a huge contract, she decided to give this little blog her all and has never looked back.

Empowered by making the decision to change direction and take a chance on something she truly loved, Lucy discovered the power of  leaving behind something that was no longer her focus and realised that simply starting something, despite not necessarily having all the answers, can set you on the path to success. By choosing to follow her heart and jump out of her comfort zone, Lucy was able to create the incredible business we know as The Design Files today.

One thing you’ll notice in this episode is Lucy’s honestly and sincerity. She may be a hugely successful business woman who grew a little blog into a huge national brand, but she is also the first to admit that she faces many challenges and moments of uncertainty as her career, business and personal life grow and change.

Constantly inspired by the world around her, Lucy is a self-proclaimed perfectionist who now juggles motherhood, family life and her incredibly successful business on a daily basis. And she openly admits that a balance often feels out of reach – making her just like many of us in search of the ultimate synergy between work and personal life.

After many years in business, creating a life she loves, Lucy shares with us the lessons she’s learnt around goal setting, the importance of following your passions, making a plan, setting yourself up with the right mentors and surrounding yourself with the right team in order to achieve whatever is is you want to achieve.

“I really related to a lot of the challenges Lucy mentioned around growing a business and staying true to your values, but also the importance of goal setting and connecting with people who have strengths in areas that can help you.” Kristina Karlsson



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How to Style Your Dream Christmas Tree with Taline Gabriel

Hippie Lane founder, Taline Gabriel, has taken a moment to share with us how to decorate your Christmas tree, and how to stay focused on your styling vision to create your Dream Christmas.

A Dream Christmas for me revolves around food, family and simple, yet elegant styling. Simplifying has been a recurring theme in my wellness goals and this applies to all aspects of my life including the festive period.

The first sign that Christmas is on the radar is the appearance of Christmas trees in all the local stores. This leads to the excitement of assembling and styling your own Christmas Tree!

My advice is to:

1. Collect some snaps of your ideal tree and direct your energy into achieving this look.

2. Stay true to your vision and notice what you like about it.

3. Pay attention to its size, styled colours, decor and room setting.

4. I like a minimal look so I keep it simple with tree baubles (using a few colours only) on a petite Christmas tree, with a few added fairy lights to set the mood  and create ambience.

5. Add final touches with stars and confetti; they’re always a welcome addition to the styling… and puppies also help!

Taline x

Shop Taline’s look: Metal Star Wreath |  String Lights | Mini Glass Baubles | Glass Bauble | Navy & Gold Wrapping Paper 3pk | Navy & Gold Gift Tags | Navy & Gold Ribbon 3M/3pk

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Jody Shield: The Power of Self-Belief, Passion & Discovering Your True Self – Your Dream Life Podcast Episode 7

Join Kristina as she speaks with the wonderful Jody Shield, author of Life Tonic: A Modern Toolbox to Heal Your Life and Soothe Your Soul in our latest episode. As a top wellbeing influencer, award-winning blogger, meditation expert, inspirational speaker, broadcaster, mentor and all-round inspiring soul, Jody’s simple advice on tapping in to your true self and finding what lights you up is sure to inspire you on your own dream life journey.

Based in the UK and previously a high-flying Business Director in advertising, she has first-hand experience of the stress epidemic that plagues our modern world.

She has been affectionately referred to by the Daily Mail as the ‘Glamourous face of wellbeing,’ and after taking the leap to leave her corporate career and follow her passions, she now supports people to process the past, be present and create a life they love. She’s the first European meditation ambassador for global brand Lululemon Athletica, and has sell-out residencies across London, including her own LifeTonic events. As a consultant, Jody works with huge global brands, including our very own kikki.K to inspire, teach and change lives.

Jody is amazing example of someone who has taken control of her life, jumped in the driver’s seat, and by discovering her passion is now living a life of purpose.

In this fresh and inspirational episode, you’ll learn …

  • How tapping into your inner child can help you get more in touch with your true self
  • The importance of writing down and visualising how you want your life to be
  • How finding what drives you, what lights you up, can help you live a more fulfilling life
  • How you can shift your energy, raise your vibration and embrace an ‘I can’ attitude in your everyday

– and so much more!


Jody is the first to admit that just five years ago, she was lost. Disconnected from who she was, she’d forgotten what it was to be happy, lit up and in-love with life.

Growing up with a very successful and driven family background and pursuing a career as high-flying and very successful Advertising Business Director, she all of a sudden found herself burned out, stressed and stuck in her very own corporate ‘cage’ – as she refers to it. Barely existing in a job that just wasn’t allowing her to be her full self. Like many, she had absolutely no idea what to do about it – except judge herself and get more and more frustrated, until one day she decided enough was simply enough.

And with that, she packed her bags and ventured to the other side of the world in search of herself. She embarked on a plant medicine retreat in Peru, which was the turning point in her life. “I woke up,” states Jody.

“My heart opened, my mind released its grip, and my soul spoke to me for the first time. I felt re-born, and like a baby walking for the first-time, I toddled back into my life.”

Finally, alive again and full of hope and excitement, she knew it was time to start something good in the world.

This is the Jody Kristina speaks to today – a hugely respected wellbeing expert, mentor and medication guru, dedicated to making a difference in the world, helping others to find their true selves and tap back in to that inner self they may have lost somewhere along the way.

Through embracing many rituals that help her to live her best life, Jody now lives with an energy, a contagious outlook on life and positive mindset that is a wonderful reminder of how we really can take control of our own lives.

Self-belief, visualisation (script writing), meditation, an ‘I can’ attitude and a passion for helping people is what drives Jody each day to live her dream life, a life of purpose and intention. You’ll find this episode truly inspiring and full of ways too you can start to work towards your own dream life today.

“One of the most powerful things I took from her story was how by really tapping into her heart and discovering what drives her, what lights her up, and making the decision to pursue that, Jody was able to leave her stressful career and create a life of purpose.” Kristina Karlsson


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Alisa Camplin–Warner, Olympic Gold Medallist: Overcoming Barriers to Achieve Your Dreams – Your Dream Life Podcast Episode 6

Olympic Gold Medallist, Alisa Camplin-Warner is Kristina’s incredible guest this episode – a true Australian hero and the first ever female to win gold for Australia in the Winter Olympics. Through strength, determination and self-belief, Alisa defied all odds to famously land a triple twisting, double somersault at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, just six weeks after breaking her ankles!

Despite having never even seen snow or clipped on a set of skis until she was 19, Alisa became Australia’s first female Winter Olympic gold medallist. Using her renowned mental toughness, Alisa again overcame huge expectations, personal doubt and unimaginable pressure to win Bronze at the Turin 2006 Winter Olympics – just four months after her second major knee reconstruction!

She became the second ever winter Olympic gold medal winner for Australia and is also the first Australian skier to win medals at consecutive Winter Olympics.

In addition to her Olympic medals, and countless other word titles, Alisa also maintained an international professional career with IBM, where she developed a passion for leadership and helping others to grow and learn.

Now a motivational speaker, professional senior leader and television host, Alisa is also the deputy chair of the Australian Sports Commission and was the Performance Manager for Australia’s 2018 Olympic Winter Games Team – just incredible!

Alisa overcame incredibly tough obstacles in her Olympic career to achieve her dreams, and is the perfect example of how inner strength, attitude, determination and self-belief can set you on the path to achieving yours.

In this truly inspiring episode, you’ll discover…

  • The power of mindfulness and visualisation in overcoming tough physical, emotional and mental setbacks
  • How you really can achieve anything you set your mind to, so long as you have self-belief and are committed to putting in the work when required
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people and mentors in order to lift yourself to your full potential
  • How to break down your goals into manageable pieces, and the importance of taking one day at a time
  • How no matter how seemingly impossible or crazy your dreams may be, you can achieve them!

– and so much more!



Alisa had always dreamed of being an Olympian and always had a deep hunger to make it happen, however not in her wildest dreams would she have imagined it would be in the Winter Games. As a young athlete, she had always envisioned winning gold in the Summer Games in field or gymnastics. However, at 19 years of age, she still felt she hadn’t really found her sport.

Surprisingly however, despite having never even seen snow, let alone clipped into skis before, Alisa discovered her sport in Aerial skiing. And after a few jumps on a trampoline at a Mt Buller ski show day and meeting aerial ski coach, Geoff Lipshut who agreed to coach her, her new Winter Olympic dream was ignited.

Determined to turn her dream into a reality, Alisa broke down her monumental goal into smaller, more manageable pieces and after extensive training, injury and countless other obstacles – both physical and mental – at the age of 27, she defied all odds to win gold in the aerial freestyle skiing in the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games.

Unfortunately though, just after her gold-medal victory, she was struck down by a serious injury that included a snapped anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), sidelining her for 10 months. A further two years later, she re-tore the same ligament only months out from her title defence at the 2006 Winter Games in Torino.

Despite her colossal setbacks, Alisa defied all expectations, training her mind and embracing visualisation to eventually win bronze in Torino, becoming the first Australian ever to win successive medals over two games.

Alisa’s story of winning Olympic gold, then bronze and how she worked so hard to follow her dreams is one of the most remarkable stories of self-belief, strength and determination you will ever come across.

This episode contains so many practical pearls of wisdom and learnings you can apply to chasing your own dreams, no matter how wild or unachievable they may seem at the start!

“One of the most powerful lessons I took from Alisa’s story is that it truly is possible to achieve anything you set your mind to. The way she defied all odds to reach – and exceed – her dreams by visualising her success and overcoming self-doubt really inspired me.” Kristina Karlsson


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