Inspiration Vision Board

Inspiration vision board

With the end of the year nearing, and a new year about to begin, now’s the perfect time to refresh your workspace and create a beautiful Vision Board to inspire you daily.

Here’s how to create your own with the stylish accessories and inspiring quotes from our new Inspiration Collection…

What you’ll need:
• Vision Board
• Inspiration Vision Board Kit
• Inspiration DIY Sticker Book
• Inspiration Individual Quote Cards
• Inspiration Printed 3am Notepad
• Push Pins
• Mini Wooden Pegs
• Scissors
• Create with kikki.K Instagram Prints

1. Find your inspiration

Stop for a moment and think about where you find inspiration. Is it inspiring quotes? Beautiful photos? Styled imagery? Write down all the things that inspire you then think about how you can incorporate them into your Vision Board.

2. Play with shapes and colours

Choose a colour palette and theme and work around it. Our new Inspiration Collection features a soft colour palette of mint, blue, peach and pink with touches of bronze foiling. We love these colours for their stylish look and calming effect.

Beautiful quotes always turn a Vision Board into something special. The Vision Board Kit is full of geometric shapes and inspiring quotes designed to bring your Vision Board to life. Style these on your board and add smaller shapes from the Inspiration DIY Sticker Book to create a unique look. The Individual Quote Cards are perfect for completing the look with a range of your favourite quotes designed in beautiful cards (they’re also ideal for sharing inspiration and gifting to loved ones).

3. Complete the look with memories

Personalise your Vision Board with beautiful photos and memories from your unique life. Use Push Pins to add photos to your board and peg others along twine to create sweet DIY bunting. We love Create with kikki.K Instagram Prints – you can turn your favourite moments into stylish prints perfect for your inspiring Vision Board. Ensure they work back with the theme by adding printed paper from the 3am Printed Notepad behind them.

Tip: Sometimes less is more. Don’t be afraid to leave white space between your beautifully styled quotes and photos. A little space can ensure the images and words stand out.

Find all your need to create your own and be inspired to chase your dreams and do what you love with our new Inspiration Collection. Shop it online today.

What’s your favourite way to style your Vision Board? We’d love to hear your tips and tricks too. Share them with us below!

Discover Our New Inspiration Collection

Inspiration collection

Be inspired to live the life you want to live with our new 2014 Inspiration Collection. Featuring our much-loved Inspiration Journals freshly designed in a stylish colour palette of soft pastels with touches of bronze foil, this beautiful collection is designed to help you dream, explore, discover and more.

Learn how to live mindfully with the inspiring new Mindfulness Journal, reflect on your life with the new Life Journal and take time out for you with beautiful everyday accessories for your home or workspace such as the Inspiration Scented Candle, Vision Board Kit and range of beautiful Quote Cards.

Find inspiration and make time for you with our new Inspiration Collection. Shop it online and in stores today.

Inspiration Collection

Inspiration Collection

A Beautiful kikki.K Christmas: Styling Your Tree

Christmas Tree styling

In Swedish homes at Christmas, the tree is key to Christmas decorating, and a focal point for creating and sharing special memories. Be inspired this Christmas and style your Christmas tree the kikki.K way with our gorgeous new collection.

Follow the simple steps below to create your own Christmas focal point in your home:


• Christmas Tree (we’ve used a real one)
Ceramic Ornament: Tree
Ceramic Ornament: Snowman
Ceramic Ornament: Snowflake
Ceramic Bauble: Snowflake
Ceramic Bauble: Dots
Ceramic Bauble: Let’s Be Merry
Paper Snowflakes 6pk
Christmas Ribbon 3pk
Instant Christmas Snow
20cm DIY Paper Snowflake


Find a space in your home where your Christmas Tree can stay for the next month. Remember to account for space you’ll need under the tree for all those beautiful gifts!


Lay out all your chosen decorations ready for styling your tree. Keeping them categorised in their styles will make it easier when you’re trying to evenly style the different decorations without too much repetition.


Starting with bigger decorations like Ceramic Baubles, evenly disperse them on your tree, remembering not to forget the back and sides of the tree that may still be visible. Alternate with different styles, before moving on to working with other larger decorations like Ceramic Ornaments.


Take a moment to step back from your tree and visually make note of gaps to slot in different decorations. Then, use more subtle decorations like Paper Snowflakes, and tie small bows with Christmas Ribbon for a pop of festive colour.


Now’s time to add a touch of snow, and bring a little bit more of a Swedish White Christmas to your home. Make up one pack of Instant Christmas Snow (read more and watch it come to life here) and sprinkle over and around your tree lightly.


The final step is all about adding the final touch to your Christmas Tree – the very top decoration. This Christmas, we’ve used our gorgeous 20cm Christmas Snowflake.

Prepare for your beautiful Christmas and get organised to style your Christmas Tree today. Shop our entire Christmas Collection here, and stay tuned for more styling inspiration.

*Note: Please read the instructions of our Instant Christmas Snow carefully before use.

Styling Your Christmas Tree

Styling Your Christmas Tree

Make Your Own Christmas Bunting

Christmas wrapping

If you’ve visited a kikki.K store this festive season, you may have noticed our gorgeous decorative bunting. If you’re feeling crafty and want to create your own, you’ve landed in the right place.

We crafted our gorgeous bunting from kikki.K Christmas Wrapping Paper and Twine. In a few simple steps, you can too! First, shop our gorgeous Christmas Wrapping Paper and Twine, then download your step-by-step instructions and template guide here. What to do with it? Peg it to a Vision Board, style it with your Christmas Tree or add some festive cheer to your workspace.

For even more festive styling, shop our ready-made Christmas Bunting or browse our entire Christmas Collection.