Overhaul Your Pantry With These Simple Tips And Tricks

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction you get from walking into a well organised pantry! One of the great silver linings for many of us spending more time at home in the past year, was the time it gave us to get creative in the kitchen and give an extra bit of love and attention to the spaces we spend the most time in every day! And if you haven’t already – now that we’ve hit the mid-way point in the year you have the perfect opportunity to take a step back and reorganise your life , ready to take on the second half of the year!

We’ve jotted down some of our favourite tips and tricks to giving your pantry a little overhaul and equip yourself with all the best inspiration and tools for homemade happiness.

One of our top ways to organise your pantry is to start storing your food in jars! Not only does it look beautiful and bring a sense of uniformity to your kitchen, but glass jars are amazing at preserving the freshness of your food and increasing longevity! By using clear jars you can also easily see when you are running low on certain items, and eliminate the use for excess plastic which is always a big plus! We love to use our kikki.K Sticker Labels to categorise and coordinate all of our jars and sort with ease!

Not sure what to do with loose vegetables or larger items? Put them into reusable bags like these gorgeous kikki.K Canvas Lunch Bags. Not only does this make sure that everything stays nicely grouped and tidy, but it also reduces excess plastic packaging and give a lovely touch of style to your pantry! Pro tip – place any pottered herbs in matching bags and keep on your bench for a pop of colour.

Planning and preparation for meals can be just as fun as getting creative in the kitchen! Instead of scrambling to find where you wrote down that family recipe or what website you found that fun new dish on, keep all your favourite recipes safe and organised in one place with a Recipe Organiser. Easily stored or beautifully displayed, it is a lovely way to start a collection of all the wonderful meals you love!

There’s nothing worse than getting to the shops and completely forgetting everything you needed. Here at kikki.K we absolutely love putting pen to paper and building a shopping list so that come shopping time, you can get everything done with organisational ease! Place in area where the whole family can reach to update throughout the week, and help ensure that you always have the right amount of everything you need to keep that pantry looking up to date and spotless!

Remember living well is not just about your food intake or exercise, but other changes you can make to create healthy habits to impact your time, money and the impact on the world around you. Packing your lunch, keeping a water bottle with you and packing your coffee cup are easy way to not only save time and money give the earth a little hug, but also allows you to be organised ahead of time!

Want to see how we keep organised and style our pantry the kikki.K way? Watch as we take you through some of these tips and get inspired to dive into that pantry!

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