Our Favourite Ways to Say Thanks this Christmas

Who’s made a positive difference to your year? Saying thanks with a pile of gorgeous gifts, something small and personal, or by simply putting pen to paper is such a satisfying way to draw a close to the year. Make it meaningful and find the perfect way to say thanks to everyone on your list with these fun ideas.

Show your gratitude with these gifts and ideas to say thanks

Bake their favourite treats

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can brighten someone’s day. Why not let someone know just how much they mean to you by baking their favourite treat? You could even decorate the treats with tags and cut outs from our Paper Lover’s Book.

Give them the gift of me-time

Whether they’re a busy parent, have a stressful job or both, sometimes just giving someone the gift of time can be so powerful. Offer to babysit, take care of the housework or treat them to a spa day. We all need time to unwind and relax yet often don’t prioritise this ourselves. You could even design your own coupon voucher and place it in a Greeting Card to make the gesture even sweeter.

Buy or pick them flowers

Who doesn’t love fresh blooms on their desk or around their home. Why not let someone know how appreciated they are by treating them to flowers just because. Be sure to add a little card or note to let them know how much their actions have impacted your life over the past year.

Show your gratitude with these gifts and ideas to say thanks

Encourage them to write in journal

If someone has big dreams and ideas, inspire them to write down and reflect on each one. A gorgeous journal and pen is such a simple gift, yet has so much potential to help someone special unlock their imagination, creativity and dreams.

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