Our Cute Diary Collaborations

The Cute Diary has always been the people’s favourite – an explosion of colour, fun and creativity. That’s why this year, we’ve asked five of our favourite creatives from different parts of the world to reimagine some of their favourite Cute Diary designs and bring them to life in unique ways.

What did we end up with? See for yourself…

kikki.K Cute Diary by Vicky Lui

The talented baker, Vicky Liu has created the oh so cutest and most delicious stationery (literally) ever. That’s right, this entire kikki.K Cute Diary design is created entirely of handmade cookies. It’s so hard to resist, but looks way too good to eat!

kikki.K Cute Diary by Kitya Palaskas

We’ve always been big fans of Craft & Image Designer, Kit Palaskas and her crafty goodness…and if you know us well, you know we absolutely love anything created with paper! So this time around, Kit has crafted her way with paper to produce this colourful cute masterpiece. Can’t get enough of the cuteness right here? No problem – from 25 September to 23 October you can see these two amazing works at the kikki.K Studio at Chadstone Shopping Centre.

kikki.K Cute Diary by Niki Groom

Ever wondered what our unique Cute Diary designs would look like reimagined in beautiful watercolour? Imagine no more, thanks to Fashion & Beauty Illustrator, Niki Groom (aka Miss Magpie). Niki has stepped away from the gorgeous fashion illustrations she’s most renowned for just for this special occasion and here’s the final result.

kikki.K Cute Diary by Cressida Jamieson

We always love seeing our kikki.K designs reimagined in fabrics, that’s why we were so excited to have Cressida Jamieson offer to bring to life the kikki.K Cute Diary graphics in embroidery! From 25 September to 23 October you can see these two creations in real life at the kikki.K boutique at Kingston, London.

kikki.K Cute Diary by Operation Overhaul

Just when you thought the Cute Diary graphics couldn’t get any cuter, we combined cute with crochet. Well, the talented team at Operation Overhaul did all the hard work for us! Check out their fruity favourites from the kikki.K Cute Diary below. If you want to see the oh so cute crochet in person, head to our gorgeous kikki.K boutique at Raffles City Shopping Centre.

Feeling inspired to embrace the cute love? Discover the collection here.

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