Our 5 Study Tips for Uni Students

Whether you’re heading back to uni this week or you’re starting your very first year, getting into the swing of things can take some time. To help you study and stay organised, we’re sharing our 5 favourite tips for uni students. Even if you’re not a student, the basic ideas behind them are great for anyone who wants to start a new, more productive routine.

1) Notes, notes and more notes

Mastering the art of note taking is a skill every uni student will want to learn. Try and strike a balance between furiously scribbling everything your lecturer says and being present in the moment. A great tip is to write down all the main points as well as key words or phrases to jog your memory, using shorthand for words like ‘because’ or ‘therefore’ to save time. Then as soon as possible after your lecture, sit down and re-read your notes, filling them out or highlighting important sections while the information is still fresh in your memory. You’ll be very thankful you did so when exam time comes around.

2) Ask questions and get involved

No one wants to sit through a tutorial in silence or get flustered when asked a question out of the blue. Taking 20 minutes beforehand to write down 5 talking points or questions on the reading material means you’ll feel fully confident and have lots to contribute. Putting this bit of effort in will pay off in a huge way in the long run as you feel focused and think analytically. Having plenty of notebooks and gorgeous pens to hand also helps.

3) Prioritise your time

Of course university isn’t just about studying. Having the opportunity to meet lots of new people and have exciting new experiences means you’ll learn almost as much outside the lecture theatre as in. Setting time each day to study and making sure you do this efficiently equals more time free to have fun. Why not use our gorgeous Life is Sweet To Do List to set yourself goals as well as rewards.

4) Get an early start

It can be so tempting to fall into an unhealthy routine during term time. Doing things like setting an alarm to wake up early or doing a morning yoga session will improve your energy levels and wellbeing, making it easier to learn. After all a healthy mind starts with a healthy body.

5) Be prepared

Having all your stationery essentials means you’re ready to make notes and get organised. With pretty wintery colours and hand drawn illustrations, our beautiful new Life is Sweet collection will inspire you to pick up your pen and get to work.

Heading to uni this week? Prepare for study success with our Life is Sweet collection here.


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