Organise your Workspace with these DIY Ideas

It’s amazing what can happen when you improve your organisation habits. From saving time to easing stress, there are so many wonderful benefits that can come from making just a few small changes. Be inspired to start with your workspace and love feeling productive, motivated and inspired with these simple and fun ideas.

Declutter your paperwork

When it comes to papers and documents, we live by the simple rule that you should action each thing straight away. Rather than letting bills, invoices, briefs, receipts and more pile up, action each one when it lands on your desk and then only keep things that you absolutely know you will need to use again. Use Organising Folders to store essentials, creating a foolproof labelling system that you wont even have to think about.  We love making our folders fun by adding stickers from our Paper Lover’s Book to customise.

Organise your workspace with theis DIY idea using kikki.K  organisation folder

 Make your things work for you

When setting up your desk space, really think about how you will use each item including how frequently you will need them. Keep little used items tucked away in a drawer or storage box rather than allowing them to clutter your environment. Keep stationery essentials like pens, scissors and staplers within easy reach so you don’t waste any time at all. The same goes for your eye line. Keep favourite photos and quotes where you’ll see them all the time to brighten your mood.

We love this cute DIY storage box idea

Get creative with storage

There are so many great ways to use Storage Boxes to optimise space; from storing special photos and memories to keeping seasonal or precious items out of the way. Why not cover the lid of a Storage Box with your favourite wrapping paper for a cute look that matches the rest of your space?

Develop daily rituals

It’s the little things we do constantly that add up to a big difference. Make an effort to clear your desk of all clutter at the end of everyday and stick to the paperwork systems you set up. You’ll soon find your space is so much more streamlined, beautiful and inspiring.

We hope these simple ideas help you transform your space. Discover more organisation solutions here. 


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