Organise your travel adventures with Travel Notes

If you’re about to embark on a travel adventure, this is the organising companion you shouldn’t be without.

You’ll find our very own handy travel tips to get you started, then 12 unique tabs for you to dream, plan and capture details.

kikki.K Travel Notes and travel tips

• Destination

Start exploring the globe and researching your favourite spots in the destinations tab. Take note on the pros and cons of each place and record what it’s known for so you can start capturing things you might like to see, visit and discover.

• Itinerary

Make a rough itinerary of your adventures so you can start to plan your budget and other details. There’s even a Monthly Planner so you can see where you’ll be at a glance.

• Budget

In the budget tab you’ll find handy tables and extras to help you plan your budget and stick to it. Travel can get expensive, but setting a budget from the beginning means you’re saving yourself from unnecessary financial stress.

• Transport

Research travel options to and from destinations and look into transport within cities. Make a note of any travel passes you need to purchase and details around these.

• Accommodation

Use this tab to look into accommodation options for each of your destinations and record important details like type of accommodation, cost per night, length of stay and more.

• Sightseeing

Monuments, galleries, churches, gardens, museums and more – create your list of must-see sights and never stop exploring.

Travel Notes open at Food & Drink tab

• Food & drink

What spots are known for their amazing food or drinks? Note them in this tab so they’re not forgotten when you start your travels.

• Shopping

What would a trip be without a few souvenirs and treats? Research the best places to shop and capture notes and more here.

• Culture

One of the most exciting parts of travelling is experiencing new cultures. Use this section to make notes about unique traditions and cultures of your destinations.

• To pack

Discover our tips for packing and create your packing list so nothing is left behind.

• One day

This special tab is for you to dream big and be inspired. Create your travel bucket list and find ways to adventure in your hometown.

• Notes

Extra space for all those extra thoughts.

If money were no object, where would you go? Tell us below!

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  1. If money were no object I would spend every summer in Jutland, Denmark, and take my children and their families with us, eating summer berries, breathing in the fresh air and dancing at midnight while the sun still shine!

  2. Hi,
    I recently saw on your website that you no longer sell your pink version of the travel notes. I really wanted the pink one.
    Sorry for the fuss


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