Organise your Planner & Add Some Fun

Bright days deserve beautiful stationery to match. We love our new Tangerine Planner so much, we thought we’d share some of our favourite ideas to decorate and customise yours.

You’ll need:

Tangerine Personal Planner
Printed Notepad
Top 5 Priority List
Paper Lover’s Book
Decoration Tape
Adhesive Notes
A Pen
Wooden Pegs

Add a splash of colour

Start out by creating a fun flag using pieces from your Paper Lover’s Book. Add these to the front pocket before adding a quote card to your divider tab. Then use a priorities list, also from the Paper Lover’s Book, for important notes you need to access in the front of your planner.

Plan Your Days

Use the Decoration Tape to add some fun to your calendar pages and highlight any important dates. Then create a page marker using the Paper Lover’s Book and a Wooden Peg, adding an Adhesive Note too. Attach your Top 5 Priority List to give you an overview of what you need to focus on.

Add some bunting

Finally have sone fun with your divider tabs by decorating using the Printed Notepad and bunting flags from the Paper Lover’s Book.

Shop the look here.

7 Replies to “Organise your Planner & Add Some Fun”

  1. This planner gives me another project to do and give it as a gift to someone and at least they can have something ready to go. From the Planner shop that i did sometime ago and having that experience still sinking inside your head plus seeing all other ideas from the Kiki-K team and planner ideas from other youtube channels. #lovekikik

    1. Hi Nerissa, thanks for your comment. We regularly change our planner designs to keep things fresh and new so we can’t confirm that all planners will have this zip but will certainly pass on your feedback 🙂

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