Organise your Family with these Fun Ideas

It’s such a great feeling when the whole family is organised and everyone pitches in to make the household run smoothly. Getting everyone involved can help teach little ones the importance of organisation skills as well as keep everyone happy and stress-free. We hope these simple and fun ideas inspire you to organise your family; plus don’t forget they can be adapted to housemates too!

Assign tasks and responsibilities

A great way to ensure that everyone does their fair share is to split up household tasks and assign them to each person. As long as everyone does their task in a reasonable time period, it should be up to each person when and how they’d like to complete it. Giving everyone clear responsibilities and setting expectations allows each household member (especially young children) to take pride in their work.

Organise your family with these simple ideas

Have a central organisation tool

Having one tool where everyone writes down important dates, reminders and to dos is a great way to keep everyone on the same page – literally! Our Family Calendar has 6 columns so that everyone can write in it and reference their schedule at a glance. Keep this calendar in the kitchen or a communal area and remind everyone to keep it up to date so it becomes a one-stop reference point for everyone.

Make it a game

OK this one might only work with young children! Why not set up a rewards system for tasks completed? That way your kids need to work their way towards special treats, giving them a real sense of accomplishment once they’ve finished their chores. The stickers that come with our Family Calendar are a great way to keep track of what’s been done.

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Plan meals and shop ahead

Keeping track of groceries for the whole household isn’t always easy. Why not keep a shopping list that everyone can add to so you don’t forget a thing? One of our Magnetic To Do Lists is perfect for keeping on the fridge so you can rip a sheet off as you go. Then each week, why not plan your meals so you can buy everything in one go and don’t face any last minute dinner dilemmas?

We hope these ideas help you embrace better family organisation. Be sure to share your ideas in the comments below!

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  1. These planning tools are worth every cent: just miss one appointment, a deadline, or an ingredient for cooking the dinner and you end up paying more than the price of these. It’s a really strong calendar. The magnetic fridge shopping list, also, everyone enjoys using, which helps!

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