Offline Challenge – Thank You Cards

Living with greater gratitude is a beautiful way to increase overall wellbeing and mindfulness. It’s so important to stop for a moment and appreciate all the amazing things we have in our lives. For part 2 of our Offline Challenges, we’re sharing a special Thank You Card exercise, which is designed to help you appreciate the people in your life.

Go Offline Challenge 2 – Thank You Cards

You’ll need…

Go Offline & Be Inspired Book
Thank You Cards

For this challenge, sit down with a pen and Notebook and think about all of the people in your life you are grateful for. Think about people who mean a lot to you and who make you happy. Now write down a list of 10 people who you want to thank. It could be because they supported you through a stressful time or because they always inspire you with their positive outlook. Whatever it is, make a note of what you’re grateful for.

Now set yourself a task to write each person on your list a Thank You Card. You might want to do one a day, or split them up into 2 groups; whatever works for you. Let that person know how special they are and why you’re thankful to have them in your life. Now simply address your envelopes and post each Card out. Your friends and family will love being surprised with a beautiful and meaningful Greeting Card out of the blue. You’ll also enjoy taking the time out to think about your relationships and connecting with each person.

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