Nourish your mind & body: our top 5 tips for wellness on-the-go!

With back-to-study organising and back-to-work life well and truly in full swing, what better time than now to remind everyone of the importance of wellbeing and looking after ourselves each day? Whether on-the-go or sitting busily at your desk, here are our five favourite tips for looking after your wellbeing at school, work and university – plus the tools to help you!

1. Be prepared

It’s no secret that a huge factor in our wellbeing is the food choices we make. And sometimes, especially when it comes to school, work and busy periods of our life, it’s easy to let this slide. So, keep this in mind this year and plan to eat healthy, home-cooked and fresh foods at school and work as often as possible. Prepare and pack your lunches every day – with fun and super practical lunch boxes and bags – and avoid the tempting, yet convenient, junk food options as much as possible!

Be prepared with healthy snacks and meals at work, school, anywhere!
Make drinking water fun with this beauty

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Yes, it’s a simple one, but the delicious, refreshing and oh-so-easy H20 really is the elixir of life! The health benefits of water are many and varied – it helps maintain balance and help your body and brain function well; it boosts energy levels; improves the appearance of skin; fights against illness as well as so much more.

However, in order to maintain your regular 8 glasses (or 2 litres) at least of water a day, you need to have a drinking vessel that makes you want to drink more. And lucky for you, we’ve got plenty of beautiful drink bottles to choose from – for your desk, gym bag, school days and more. Take your pick and hydrate as you go about your days. You’ll thank us for it!

Whether you’re on your way to work, school the gym or at your desk, these hydration tools are key to maintaining your water intake.

3. Always be ready with the essentials

There’s no denying our lives are getting busier and busier, and our minds are becoming more and more full of all the things we need to do each day. So, let’s make our lives a little easier by having all the essentials on hand, wherever we go!

Our top tip? Pack your favourite bag with your favourite pens, a notebook or notepad, diary, drink bottle, plus anything else you need (cardholder, keys etc.) – and pack it the night before you leave the house so it’s all ready to go! Write yourself a checklist if that’s more your style as well – and take the hard work out of each morning by being prepared early.

Keep all your essentials packed in your favourite bag and be ready for anything.
Write everything down, stay on track and check off as you go!

4. Be empowered

Some days, more than others, we may need a little reminder that we can do anything we set our minds to. Why not give yourself that reminder each day and inspire yourself with our Empowerment Cards? Not sure how to use them? Here are 7 of our favourite ways!

Empower yourself every day with positive words
  • Create an Empowerment Ritual

Before bed or when you wake up, shuffle the deck of cards and pull a card at random. Read the words to yourself and let it help you overcome negative thoughts, embrace greater energy and manifest your desires.

  • Decorate Your Space

Pick out of a few of your favourite cards with quotes or messages you want to focus on for the month, then decorate your desk or display them above your bed. You could use string and create bunting, pin them to your Inspiration Board, or even use a cute gold Bulldog Clip to hang them from a string of fairy lights.

  • Mirror Mantra

Display an empowerment card on the mirror that you use to get ready each morning. Read it out loud while looking at yourself 3 times and use it as a mantra for the day and a reminder that that you can do anything you set your mind to.

  • Weekly Inspiration

Each week, stick an empowerment card in your diary or planner and reflect on it while planning your week, or checking in on your priorities. Looking back on it each day will inspire you to make positive change and make your dreams a reality.

  • Positivity Boost

Pop your empowerment cards in your handbag, pencil case, in your car or your gym bag so they are close to you throughout the day. When you’re at a low ebb or feeling unmotivated, choose a card for an instant mood-boosting effect.

  • Self-expression

Use Empowerment cards to inspire you when getting creative. Use them as a prompt for journaling, write down your thoughts centred around the message on the card or even be inspired by the colours and the design when creating art.

  • Empower others!

Brighten someone’s day by gifting them a pack of Empowerment cards. Whether they’re going through a rough time, have started a new job, have exams coming up or simply ‘just because’ they make the perfect gift! Or, give a specific card to a friend – perhaps there is a message that resonates with whatever the are living through right now?

Lunch Box Notes are the perfect way to let loved ones know you’re thinking of them.

5. Stay connected

No matter how busy you get, it’s still so important to make time to connect with the ones you love. By spending time with – or even taking a moment to write a note, letter or a card to – the people who mean the most you, you’ll not only make their day by making time for them, but you’ll feel part of something bigger. Share your thoughts, send love and check in with each other and feel the positive benefits a little connection can bring. A fun way to do this is with our Lunch Box Notes – pop one in their bag or lunch box and put a smile on their face from afar!

Send a greeting card make their day!

Whatever you’re preparing for this year, ensure you go back to study or work with the best tools and practices in place to look after your wellness. Shop all your essentials online or in-store now at

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