Note to Self: Put Yourself First with our All-New Self Collection

Imagine a world where you were your own best friend… A world where you treated yourself with kindness and compassion and made time for all the things you love and need. Now let us help you make that dream a reality with our beautiful new Self Collection. Minimalist graphics with a nod to nature and botanical beauty blend seamlessly with simple debossed textures and an earthy colour palette of almond, blush, coral and maple.

Embrace a life you love with stationery essentials as well as inspiring Notebooks, NotepadsJournals and unique, quilted leather Planners and more. Learn to celebrate your strengths, make time for self-care, change your habits for the positive and treat yourself with the kindness you truly deserve with this must-have collection. And remember, self-care is never selfish.

So start putting yourself first, prioritising the things you love and looking after yourself. All it takes is a conscious decision to embrace more self-care in your everyday. Let us inspire you with our gorgeous new Self Collection, available online and instore now.

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